Sugru Moudable Glue Giveaway

I’ve written about Sugru before – but it’s such a fun product, with so many applications, that when Sugru offered me a look at their new Create & Craft kit, I didn’t hesitate to say yes – and because I have been lucky enough to play with the product before, I thought I would share my good fortune with my lovely readers, and off the kit as a little giveaway.

But before we get on to the giveaway – you’ll want to know what exactly Sugru is. Well – it is a high-tech, mouldable, self-curing putty that sticks to most materials, and turns into a strong flexible rubber overnight. Sounds a bit unexciting? NO! It’s fab. Check out some of the ideas that come in the little inspiration book that accompanies the Create and Craft kit:

Make yarn loops for your wool basket!
Personalise your stuff.
Organise your workspace.
Make some stamps – do some printing!

The little kit contains 4 packs of Sugru, the little book of inspiration, a cute storage tin and a couple of tools to work with too. You’ll have fun, I know it!


If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment here before 10pm on Easter Monday. As always a quick ‘pick me’ is fine, or you can tell me what creativity you’ve got planned for the Easter holiday weekend.

Happy to post worldwide, so don’t let that put you off.

Meanwhile, these little Create and Craft kits will be available to buy from Sugru at the beginning of May.

Fun with Sugru

I was lucky enough recently to be sent to Sugru to try out.


This intriguing product, described as self-setting rubber, is a bit like Plasticine or Fimo crossed with super strong glue. You can use it to fix things stuff and stick things to other things, and be creative about it too. I defy you not to lose HOURS on their website with all the wonderful creativity you can find there. Check the amazing Lego adaptations – here’s a really fun example:

Pic from Sugru website

I think my kids would do me in if I messed with their Lego (perhaps I will buy some of my own so I can make some ace cable tidies like these!). So, much as I am tempted, I had to come up with something else.

I am much too lacking in creative ideas for anything other than stitching and sewing at the moment, so I went hunting around on the website for ideas I could pinch borrow. I was much intrigued by the ideas for stamping and printing using Sugru. I love a bit of texty fabric, especially awesome typescript, so I had a lightbulb moment and nipped off to Ebay to buy myself from 18 pt Letterpress and here’s what I got up to when it arrived:

Opened up the packet:



Warmed the Sugru up a bit in my hands and then stuck a tiny bit onto the side of one of my Letterpress letters:


I squeezed the next letter on to it to make a Sugru sandwich:


Then scraped off the excess:


I added some more letters:



And formed a word. I made sure that all the letters were completely aligned so they would print evenly. Sadly I didn’t make sure of something else:


I left my letters at this stage to stick together properly overnight, and the next day added more Sugru to create a little handle for the stamp:


Then I made some more:





If you make a mistake (like sticking a letter in back to front for instance – but who would be that daft?), you can scrape the Sugru off, even after it has set:IMG_3206


I was super-pleased with the results. This is how it looked on paper:



And on fabric:



Printing worked best with a soft surface underneath the paper or fabric (I found a piece of felt worked really well). If you use a brand of ink pad that is permanent on fabric, you could make your own labels and even little bits of fabric to include in patchwork piecing… Great fun! I will be popping back to Ebay to buy ink pads, plain tape and more Letterpress, I am sure.

My next plan is to use Sugru to create a coat hook rack with old bobbins and a bit of waste timber we have lying around. Should work really well for displaying bags for product photography. I shall let you know how I get on.

In the mean time, if you fancy having a go with some Sugru, I have a pack to give away. Just leave a comment on this blog post before midnight on Friday 5th July if you’d like to be in with a chance of winning. Tell me what you’d like to stick/repair/customise with Sugru if you like. Happy to post overseas, so don’t let that hold you back.