Fugly Fabric Party Swap

Swap Parcels all gone now – thanks so much everyone!  Will be in touch!

So it’s Fugly Fabric Party Swap Time… if you haven’t caught up with this before you can read all about it here on Lucy’s blog.

Charm About You

I’ve been looking forward to this! It’s definitely therapeutic to go through your stash and identify those fabrics that you just know you’re never going to use. Some of these I have been feeling guilty about for some time…

Yesterday I had people complaining that my fabrics weren’t Fugly enough. Cheeky things – I can’t help it if I have exceptional taste.. haha!  Is this any better for you?

Fuglies to give away

Swap Parcels all gone now – thanks so much everyone!  Will be in touch!

This is one of 5 packs of scraps I’ve put together.. I am happy to swap for another pack of scraps, or a couple of nasty FQs if you like! I reckon there is about 2 FQs worth of fabric in each pack and they’re all pretty much the same, content-wise, as the ones pictured here (you wont get any nice suprises!).

Just leave a comment if you’d like to swap (I’ll give priority to anyone who has already volunteered). And don’t forget to check out Lucy’s Fugly Fabric Link Party to find lots of other people who are hosting Fugly Fabric giveaways and swaps.

Turning Fugly around?

I’m joining in with Lucy’s Fugly Party (the fun starts tomorrow) and will be hosting a very small Fugly fabric swap with a few volunteers, of which more tomorrow… In the meantime I got to wondering how easy it is to turn Fugly fabric into something not quite so Fugly. So I started with this:

some fugly fabrics

And ended up with this..

trying to de-fugly

Not sure what I think of the experiment..! It’s slightly disturbing see dismembered birds in there (but maybe that’s just because I know they are there), and also perhaps they wont be so noticeable when it’s quilted.  I was wondering how this would look as a panel on a pouch (it only measures 6″x4″), but then as I was editing the pic, I started to wonder how it would look if I added another row, and added a plain border to make a proper square quilt block. What do you reckon? I’m not sure at all, but I AM very sure that there’s a place for every scrap, no matter how nasty… I have a feeling that more careful positioning of the fabrics to create an underlying pattern is going to be the way forward.

Something that I know WILL be good is the next issue of Crafteroo magazine that’s now in the pipeline – check out the preview. It wont be out until the beginning of April, but if you’d like to buy issue 2 (a bargain at £1.50), which is chock full of amazing projects, just click on the magazine cover:

Crafteroo front cover - issue 2