100 Days of Curated Colour – Week 2

One hundred days of curated colour header

Wow – it’s the end of another week of Colour Curation already…! It has been a super-busy few days for me, building up to a little family party at my house to celebrate what would have been my dad’s hundredth birthday. We had a lovely time sharing memories of our lovely dad and marvelling over the growth of various children (always a thing of endless fascination!).

But in spite of all the busy-ness I managed to put together another seven colour-curated fabric and haberdashery (and a few other bits and bobs that sneak in) mood-boards for my 100 Day Project (an Instagram art project – lots of people are doing it – check out #the100dayproject). My project is #100daysofcuratedcolour (and I’m trying not to feel annoyed that someone has piggybacked on my hashtag.. grump grump):

the100daysproject day 8

8/100: Design Seeds – Wanderlust: Courtyard Hues

the100daysproject day 9

9/100: Design Seeds – Spring: Spring Tones

the100daysproject day 10

10/100: Design Seeds – Autumn: Color Harvest

the100daysproject day 11 of curated colour

11/100: Design Seeds – Heavenly Hues: Color Heaven

the100daysproject day 12 of curated colour

12/100: Design Seeds – Color Collage

the100daysproject day 13

13/100: Design Seeds – Makers Hues: Color Studio

the100daysproject day 14 of curated colour

14/100: Design Seeds – Flora: Color Paradise

11/100 was the favourite this week amongst my IG followers. It’s a little bit mid-century, a little bit North-Norfolk-weekend-getaway, a little bit John-Lewis-furniture-catalogue, so I am definitely up there with the fans! I think my favourite is 10/100 though – the collection I’m calling ‘Virgina Wolf’s Drawing Room’. I am a sucker for that dusty vintage feel, that’s why I love French General so much… The Umbel fabric from Liberty is also one of my favourites, so it’s pretty irresistible to me.

This week I’m learning that it’s not just about the colours, it’s about the balance of colours in the collections. Three or four times I’ve looked at the collection I’ve put together for the photo and despaired, but added just one more piece which has brought the whole lot together. I will try and take some Before and After photos of what I mean next week. But a couple of examples from this week – 9/100 was unimpressive until I added the little purple cotton reel, and in 13/100, the grey wool was a last minute addition that seemed to bring a much needed balance. I’m learning that when I am working with a palette, you don’t have to use equal quantities of each colour. Writing that down, I feel like this should have been obvious…! But as usual with me, it’s in the doing that I’m learning. 🙂

Which is your favourite this week?

Sugru Moudable Glue Giveaway

I’ve written about Sugru before – but it’s such a fun product, with so many applications, that when Sugru offered me a look at their new Create & Craft kit, I didn’t hesitate to say yes – and because I have been lucky enough to play with the product before, I thought I would share my good fortune with my lovely readers, and off the kit as a little giveaway.

But before we get on to the giveaway – you’ll want to know what exactly Sugru is. Well – it is a high-tech, mouldable, self-curing putty that sticks to most materials, and turns into a strong flexible rubber overnight. Sounds a bit unexciting? NO! It’s fab. Check out some of the ideas that come in the little inspiration book that accompanies the Create and Craft kit:

Make yarn loops for your wool basket!
Personalise your stuff.
Organise your workspace.
Make some stamps – do some printing!

The little kit contains 4 packs of Sugru, the little book of inspiration, a cute storage tin and a couple of tools to work with too. You’ll have fun, I know it!


If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning, just leave a comment here before 10pm on Easter Monday. As always a quick ‘pick me’ is fine, or you can tell me what creativity you’ve got planned for the Easter holiday weekend.

Happy to post worldwide, so don’t let that put you off.

Meanwhile, these little Create and Craft kits will be available to buy from Sugru at the beginning of May.

The story of my mini-hoop


My partner has safely received the hoop I made for the #veryberryhoopswap, so I can tell you a bit more about the inspiration behind it.

In her ‘likes’ on the swap form, My partner mentioned that she is a fan of classic horror writers like H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, and because that was something totally outside my usual influences I really wanted to run with it. I wondered about a raven, because of Poe’s famous poem (coincidentally, I had just watched the very silly Simpsons episode The Treehouse of Horror, which includes the poem, read by the awesome James Earl Jones, with my kids), but decided that might be a bit outside my embroidery abilities. I might have managed The Simpsons’ version, but I didn’t think that was quite what my partner would want!

Whilst searching for images of The Raven, I came across amazing work by the artist Harry Clarke, who illustrated Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

Title page

After that, I just rushed round the internet, looking at more of Clarke’s work (and realising that I had seen his stained glass – his other speciality – in the church where my sister-in-law got married) and getting carried away with ideas. You can see why, I hope.



But when you are working with a tiny hoop, you’ve got to be sensible… so in the end I decided to just focus on a small and simple detail that would hopefully capture a bit of the spirit of Harry Clarke’s macabre Arts and Crafts illustrations.


See that flower on the left, about a third of the way up, with lots of petals? Making use of that seemed achievable, so, I enlarged it a little, traced it, then traced it again, with space between all the petals. Then I traced that design onto Bond-a-Web and iron the Bond-a-Web onto a tiny piece of a grey Liberty print called Reiko. I cut out the tiny pieces (difficult!) then applied them, piece by piece to the charcoal linen (fiendish!). The easy bit was the stitching. I used very thin metallic silver thread, and I wish you could see the sparkle because it looks pretty good.

I had a lovely thank you from my partner today, and I was so excited to know that she had loved Harry Clarke’s illustrations as a child. So pleased I guessed right with my inspiration. It’s been a really happy swap for me, I hope the other swappers have enjoyed it as much.