Using colour palettes for mini-patchwork

I wanted to share my latest piece of miniature patchwork hoop art with you. It’s a 3 inch embroidery hoop with a 1.5 inch flying geese patchwork block. The geese are 3/8 inch high and are foundation pieced (SO much easier for miniature patchwork). I’ve added a border of yarn-dyed Essex linen to finish the project.

Mini patchwork flying geese hoop art inspired by 100 days of curated colour

I am working on lots of these hoops at the moment. Firstly because I love making them, secondly because I have been commissioned to make some by a friend, and thirdly because I hope to sell some in the retail space at the newly refurbished Spode Heritage Centre – my studio is also located on the Spode Works site, and I am so proud to be there, I would be blown away to be able to have stock in their shop!

I’ve been using the colour palettes I’ve been putting together for my #100daysofcuratedcolour project on Instagram for inspiration. This particular hoop was inspired by Day 57/100:

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 57/100 green pink peach lilac

This is the original image on Design Seeds that I used to put the palette together in the first place. I hope you can see the connections!

I’ve used tiny pieces of fabric from my vast quantity of Liberty lawn scraps, that take up (can you believe) an entire 6-drawer Trofast unit from Ikea! When faced with a scrap mountain of this size, having the colour palette photos to work with is a huge advantage, because it gives me somewhere to start, instead of randomly rummages around in the piles of scraps. For an easily-overwhelmed stitcher, it’s such a bonus to have them.

You can find (almost) all of the colour palettes I’ve made so far over on Pinterest, or through my Instagram tag #100daysofcuratedcolour – if you’d like to see more, and maybe use them to inspire your own work.

The cute little 3 inch hoops are available from my lovely sponsors Cloud Craft, who also sell the amazing Snipster scissors pictured too. Do support my writing here at Very Berry by visiting my sponsors.

100 Days of Curated Colour – Week 11

Back in April I started the #the100dayproject – an Instagram art project that’s being undertaken by 1000s of people. Of course, when you start one of these longish-term projects (I am curating 100 colour flatlay photos of fabrics and haberdashery, inspired by colour palettes from Design Seeds – #100daysofcuratedcolour), you have no idea what life is going to throw at you in the meantime. The past few weeks have been a slog – I am having one of those times when I am being reminded on all sides of our insecurity, impermanence and fragility, as friends and family struggle with illness, difficult times and downright appalling tragedy. The little gang of us here at home are all fine, but our hearts are aching for our dear friends and family.

One hundred days of curated colour header

So, muddling about with bits of fabric and thread, colours and prints, focusing on these small but beautiful harmonies of colour, enjoying the gorgeous photos on Design Seeds has been a blessed relief. It has been good to have a very structured creative project to focus on and enjoy. I hope you are enjoying them too. I have just a couple of weeks to go on Instagram, but I am a bit behind on here, so maybe 3 more posts (I should be able to do the math, but don’t have energy!

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 71/100 blue yellow grey

71/100: Design Seeds – Color Collage: Color Confetti

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 72/100 red purple grey blue lilac

72/100: Design Seeds – Market Hues: Fresh Hues

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 73/100 pink lilac blue

73/100: Design Seeds: Heavenly Hues: Color Set

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 74/100 blue red green

74/100: Design Seeds – Wanderlust: Color View

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 75/100 green brown grey

75/100: Design Seeds – Flora: Flora Tones

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 76/100 coral pink green blue cream

76/100: Design Seeds – Flora: Flora Tones

the100daysproject day 77Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 77/100 blue green mustard yellow

77/100: Design Seeds – Wanderlust: Mental Vacation

Not sure if I have an overwhelming favourite this week, although I do like (quite surprisingly for me!) 76, which is so fresh and pretty. On Instagram 73 was the clear winner, although 75 had some fans too. I always love to know your favourites, so do let me know.

100 Days of Curated Colour – Week 8

One hundred days of curated colour header

I’ve had some busy times over the last couple of weeks (of which more another time!) but I am still just about managing to keep up with my 100 Day Project on Instagram (#the100dayproject)  – although sadly my plans to do something a little bit different for the second 50 days have had to be shelved for now.

So I am going to keep on with my colour boards and carry on enjoying them. You can see all my collections on my Instagram feed with the tag #100daysofcuratedcolour, and you can also find them, very nicely presented on my Pinterest board – Curated Colours for Stitching Inspiration.

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 50/100 grey red charcoal taupe

50/100: Design Seeds – Wanderlust: A Door Hues

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 51/100 purple blue lilac pink yellow

51/100: Design Seeds – Wanderlust: Color Wander

the100daysproject day 52Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 52/100 purple green pink

52/100: Design Seeds – Flora: Flora Hues

the100daysproject day 52Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 53/100 green orange blue

53/100: Design Seeds – Autumn: Color Bridge

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 54/100 green blue olive green

54/100: Design Seeds – Summer: Color Holiday

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 55/100 green blue pink red lilac

55/100: Design Seeds – Summer: Color Play

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 56/100 faun beige taupe flax blue
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56/100: Design Seeds – Nature Made: Color View


I did some of the tricky ones that I had been avoiding this week – the ones that are a real mix of colours, like 51 and 55 in this selection, are the hardest to do because there’s very little margin for error, and you have to get the colours exactly right or they are less likely to work with each other. The ones that are tones/hues of just one or two colours are much easier. I thought 56 would be hardest because I didn’t think I had that many pale browns/creams/pale blues I had in my collection, but actually it was very easy to put together, and was the most popular choice on IG with 102 likes, closely followed by 53/100 with 94 likes. The least popular this week (I’ve decided to name and shame!) was 51/100 – that was rather a surprise to me, I thought it would be one of the more popular choices.

What are your thoughts this week? Do you like the soft calming shades of 56/100 too?