Using colour palettes for mini-patchwork

I wanted to share my latest piece of miniature patchwork hoop art with you. It’s a 3 inch embroidery hoop with a 1.5 inch flying geese patchwork block. The geese are 3/8 inch high and are foundation pieced (SO much easier for miniature patchwork). I’ve added a border of yarn-dyed Essex linen to finish the project.

Mini patchwork flying geese hoop art inspired by 100 days of curated colour

I am working on lots of these hoops at the moment. Firstly because I love making them, secondly because I have been commissioned to make some by a friend, and thirdly because I hope to sell some in the retail space at the newly refurbished Spode Heritage Centre – my studio is also located on the Spode Works site, and I am so proud to be there, I would be blown away to be able to have stock in their shop!

I’ve been using the colour palettes I’ve been putting together for my #100daysofcuratedcolour project on Instagram for inspiration. This particular hoop was inspired by Day 57/100:

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 57/100 green pink peach lilac

This is the original image on Design Seeds that I used to put the palette together in the first place. I hope you can see the connections!

I’ve used tiny pieces of fabric from my vast quantity of Liberty lawn scraps, that take up (can you believe) an entire 6-drawer Trofast unit from Ikea! When faced with a scrap mountain of this size, having the colour palette photos to work with is a huge advantage, because it gives me somewhere to start, instead of randomly rummages around in the piles of scraps. For an easily-overwhelmed stitcher, it’s such a bonus to have them.

You can find (almost) all of the colour palettes I’ve made so far over on Pinterest, or through my Instagram tag #100daysofcuratedcolour – if you’d like to see more, and maybe use them to inspire your own work.

The cute little 3 inch hoops are available from my lovely sponsors Cloud Craft, who also sell the amazing Snipster scissors pictured too. Do support my writing here at Very Berry by visiting my sponsors.

100 Days of Curated Colour – Week 9

One hundred days of curated colour header

The colours have become rather burdensome over the last couple of weeks (there have been so many distractions, not least the lure of General Election chat/angst), but I am so determined to get to 100 that I have pretty much managed to keep up with the daily schedule. I am going to keep on with my colour boards and am hoping that the love comes back a bit, as I reach the final stretch. You can see all my collections on my Instagram feed with the tag #100daysofcuratedcolour, and you can also find them, very nicely presented on my Pinterest board – Curated Colours for Stitching Inspiration.

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 57/100 green pink peach lilac

57/100: Design Seeds – Summer: Color Currency

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 58/100 blue teal purple

58/100: Design Seeds – Summer: Color Frond

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 59/100 blue orange yellow lilac olive

59/100: Design Seeds – Wanderlust: Color Wander

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 60/100 brown pink blue teal flax

60/100: Design Seeds – Maker Hues: Color Maker

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 61/100 peach pink cream

61/100: Design Seeds – Flora: Flora Tones

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 62/100 green

62/100: Design Seeds – Succulents: Succulent Hues

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - 63/100 cream grey pink olive grey

63/100: Design Seeds – Flora: Flora Tones

58, 61 and 63 all managed to make it into the 100s with Instagram likes, but 61, with those glorious peaches and cream shades, was the winner. I think that 63 is my favourite – I’d love to know yours.

100 Days of Curated Colour – week 5

One hundred days of curated colour header

As regular readers will know, I am currently exploring my use of colour in sewing and textiles by putting together a daily colour-curated collection using fabric, threads and other bits and bobs from my studio/home stash, based on palettes from Design Seeds. This is my contribution to the 100 Day Project (#the100dayproject), a mass participation art event happening now over on Instagram – you can find all my photos if you follow the hashtag #100daysofcuratedcolour. My aim is to work on my understanding of the language of colour by building a reference library of ideas and inspiration. Colour in quilting and sewing is something that causes me a lot of angst, so it seems sensible to practice, practice, practice so that the skill of colour combining will come more easily.

This week I’ve been reading A Passion for Colour: Exploring Colour Through Paper, Print, Fabric, Thread and Stitch by Ruth Issett, and her enthusiasm and passion for colour and how colours work together when creating and stitching textile projects is totally infectious. Writing about her use of liquid colour (but I think it applies equally well to combining colours for quilting), she says:

You can follow the colour wherever it may lead, or not, there are no rules as such, but there are choices , and that is crucial. Spontaneity is important, but so is selection. It is all about the combination of accelerator and brake; too much ‘acceleration’ and things can get out of control, while too much of the ‘brake’ can hamper and restrict, leave the work predictable and lacking excitement.

I love that – there are no rules, but there are choices. And of course, choices are easier, aren’t they, when you have all the relevant information to hand. Each time I put together a palette of fabrics and threads – it feels like there’s a whole new set of opportunities to create and sew, that I can file away for future reference. Hope you’re finding them useful too – you can find all of my colour-curated boards grouped together on Pinterest, if you’d like the full effect!

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - red grey

29/100: Design Seeds – Maker Hues: Color Serve

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - teal grey pink

30/100: Design Seeds – The Sea: Color Shore

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - pink orange peach cream purple

31/100: Design Seeds – Summer: Color Fruit

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - purple

32/100: Design Seeds – Color Collage: Color Tag

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - green teal cream lime

33/100: Design Seeds – Summer: Citrus Hues

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - brown grey green

34/100: Design Seeds – Slow Living: Color Prepare

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - orange green cream

35/100: Design Seeds – Flora: Flora Hues

30 and 33 were the winners on Instagram this week, closely followed by the glowing purples of 32. Which ones worked for you?