100 Days of Curated Colour – week 6

One hundred days of curated colour header

It’s colour time again! Making photos with colour, fabrics, threads, buttons and a few Sharpies thrown in for good measure… that’s what I’ve been doing every day for over 40 days now! I want to tell you that it’s really helping me understand colour, and how to use colours together more effectively. I hope it is, but I think it’s real value to me is as a reference library, as a starting point when inspiration is lacking, and a guide when I am trying to find the exact shade of blue for the exact shade of pink! I’m gradually uploading all the photos onto my Colour-Curated Pinterest board, if you think you’d benefit from them too.

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - lilac pink cerise cream

36/100: Design Seeds – Summer: Melting Hues

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - green yellow purple orange

37/100: Design Seeds – Flora: Flora Hues

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - blue red pink charcoal

38/100: Design Seeds – Wanderlust: Color Wander

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - green teal blue pink

39/100: Design Seeds – Summer: Air Hues

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - grey taupe blue

40/100: Design Seeds – Summer: Color Shore

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - teal blue purple olive green pink

41/100: Design Seeds – Summer: Melting Hues

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - peach cream taupe black grey blush pink

42/100: Design Seeds – Flora: Flora Tones

Can you guess the favourite this week? It was 36/100 with all those lovely lilacs, pinks and creams.. Personally my favourite is the last one. I love those subtle ice cream shades and I was really pleased that I realised that the best way to put the palette together was with just a touch of black. I have a fondness for 37 too, it’s so unusual.

I really hope you are enjoying the project (part of the #the100dayproject on Instagram) as much as I am. You can follow my updates day by day over on Instagram too at #100daysofcuratedcolour, if you want the day by day effect!

100 Days of Curated Colour – Week 1

I am taking part in one of those great big Instagram get-togethers – The 100 Day Project – where lots of people are using the tag #the100dayproject plus their own person 100 day tag (mine is #100daysofcuratedcolour). I was really keen to do a project based on colour – it’s so important to my work and something that always gives me tremendous pleasure when I get it right, whether in my outfit for the day, in my garden or with my sewing!

One hundred days of curated colour header

I believe that colour is a language, and when you’re learning a language, you need to practice every single day. So, for 100 days, I am selecting (mostly – they’re my rules after all!) crafting materials from my home or studio, curated according to a Design Seeds palette of colours, which I choose fairly randomly, or by taking inspiration from an object that I’d like to use that particular day. My hope is that every day I put together these groupings of objects based on colour, the neural pathways that ‘do colour’ (not a technical term) in my brain will be strengthened, and gradually it will become a language that I can speak more fluently. Perhaps, it’s such an important language to learn, I will try and carry on after my 100 day project has finished. Here’s the first week:

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - pink blue green

1/100: Design Seeds – Market Hues: Fresh Hues

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - blue grey red

2/100: Design Seeds – Creature Color: Color Creature

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - yellow green lilac brown grey

3/100: Sorry – frustratingly can’t find this palette…

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - pink red grey blue

4/100: Design Seeds – Wanderlust: Color Way

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - pink blue peach green

5/100: Design Seeds – Maker Hues:Color Stacked 

the100daysproject day 6

6/100: Design Seeds – Rustic: Rustic Tones

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - pink green red yellow orange

7/100: Design Seeds – Sweet Tooth: Color Pick

The favourites (by Instagram likes) are day 6 and day 7. I am not at all surprised by number 7 being very popular, it’s so cheery and zingy, but I was very interested to see that those blues and greys did so well. Maybe it was the beautiful Liberty lawn touches that attracted people. My personal favourite is actually number 1! I love that combination of green, blue and pink, with dark touches, it’s just lovely. Which one is your favourite? I’d love to know!

The 100 Days Project

I’m all signed up to take part in The 100 Day Project – a free global art project which is running on Instagram right now. The idea is that you sign up to do a project for 100 days and post a pic on Instagram every day. Because I need a kick up the bum to make sure I take time for a bit of creative thinking every day, I thought I’d give it a go.

I love Mary Oliver’s poem The Journey, so was happy to see this!

I’ve been wanting to do some work on my understanding of colour for ages, but hadn’t found a way to do it that appealed. As soon as I saw the 100 Day Project posts popping up in my Instagram feed, I knew I wanted to do something with colour. But it needed to be something achievable, and NOT sewing!

So… introducing my project #100daysofcuratedcolour. My plan is to take a palette from Design Seeds every day, and quickly grab some pieces from my home/studio that work with the palette I’ve chosen. Here’s my first go, so you can get the idea – this is the palette I chose:

Market Hues | Fresh Hues from Design Seeds

And this is my first collection:

the100daysproject day 1

All these goodies were lying around my studio this morning. The thing that shouts out at me is that the pink fabric (Square Dance, by the ever-wonderful Denyse Schmidt – on of my favourite Useful and Beautiful prints of All Time ) is way too pink.. not that it doesn’t look great with the selection I’ve made, so I’ll live with that.

My plan is to keep all the photos and use them as inspiration for future projects… and I’m sure more will come of it than that. I am hoping it will be a bit like learning vocab when you are trying to get to grips with a different language – it first it will seem like lots of random images, but as I progress, structures and narratives will emerge. You can follow me on IG to see my daily posts, and I plan to post a weekly collection on here. Wish me luck!