Support Your Favourite Small Business!

I shared this little graphic (by the fabulous Isadora Zeferino) on Facebook the other day and it got a lot of positive reaction.

I thought I’d share it again with you lovely blog readers today because it’s Small Business Saturday – a good positive thing to celebrate after all the full-on consumer madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday…! It’s a really good reminder that although it is brilliant when people spend money in my Etsy shop (10% off 2-3 December!), make a donation to my blogging efforts or book up for one of my sewing workshops, it’s also (almost as) wonderful when you share my blog, leave a comment, say hi on Facebook, or drop by and click a heart on Instagram. Sometimes, when I’m feeling gloomy, a kind word makes all the difference!

I’d also really appreciate your votes in the quilting category of  2018 British Craft Awards. I’m so delighted to be nominated again.

craft awards 2018 vote for me

And if you have money to spend – here are just some of the goodies I have for sale over in the shop – 10% off right now!

Etsy shop goodies

One gobsmacked stitcher

So… trundling round Facebook today, I spotted the super-talented Kerry expressing surprise and pleasure that she had been nominated for Quilting Blog of the Year in the British Craft Awards 2017. Stopping to leave a comment of congratulation, I noticed that my name was there on her screenshot too! I can’t tell you how hugely surprised and beyond flattered I am to be in such amazing company. Just look:


Some of my very favourite blogs and quilty friends are in that list. It is unbelievably exciting to be there (even if I feel a bit like that nice Welsh lady with the collapsing gingerbread church on Great British Bake Off…).

So I started putting in my votes (not for myself, I hasten to add), and then this appeared:



Without being ridiculously humble, I had even more of a ‘I’m not worthy’ moment with this one…After 10 years of blogging and working hard at learning quilting and sewing skills, I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be on a list with these inspirational people. I don’t know who put me on the list, but I’d like to say a great big thank you to whoever you are, it means such a lot.

Do go and vote!