Stitching & Quilting: Unlocking your Creativity

All stitchers struggle with creative blocks, lack of inspiration and ideas, and even just general apathy now and again. I am gradually putting together a series of posts sewing, stitching creativity, and inspiration and how they interact with mental health, mood and well-being – both positively and negatively.  The idea is to collect together a heap of resources and ideas so that next time a creative block happens, or you lose all your stitchy confidence, you will have a place to turn, so that you can unlock your creativity again.


An invite to join in with series of blog posts at Very Berry Handmade for stitchers sewers and quilters to unlock their creativity.


Here are the posts so far:

Online sources for exploring creativity

Who’s on your inner committee?

Unlocking creativity with stitches: make some rules

When you can’t start stitching: fear of mistakes

Help with stress and anxiety for creative people (aka everyone)