Crochet Patterns

Slouchy market toteSlouchy Market Bag

A free pattern this fab stripy bag that’s great for shopping or for trips to the beach.

Spiral crochet motif

Spiral Crochet Motif

An unusual motif, that’s very simple to work up, but extremely effective.

Lacy crochet braceletLacy crochet bracelet

A free pattern for this delicate lacy bracelet, crocheted using embroidery thread.

Round, Popcorn and Starflower SnowflakesSnowflakes

A pattern for 2 of these snowflakes is available here for sale on Folksy – the third is available free just here on the blog..

Pink Crochet Storage basket Crochet Storage Basket

A really useful, quick to crochet up storage basket.  Using chunky yarn the final basket measures 30 cm (12″ across) so it’s nice and roomy. You can buy this pattern on Folksy.

Ripple Stitch Wrist Cuff Ripple Stitch Wrist Cuff

Another really quick pattern which is also a great way of using up odds and ends of pretty yarn. It’s the lovely textured stitch that makes this wrist cuff look so good..

A Bunch of Bunny Boys...

Big-Ears Bunny

It’s fairly challenging amigurumi – especially at the construction stage, but with a bit of patience a beginner shouldn’t have too much trouble with this one.

Little crochet flowers
Little Crochet Flower

This is an incredibly simple and quick pattern to make an extremely useful small flat flower which is great to use for embellishments.

A cuddly crochet owlA Cuddly Owl

My first every pattern, and not surprisingly, it’s very straightforward!  It’s very quick to crochet, and has a very small amount of construction work, so it’s great for quick, last-minute gifts.

A pink crochet flower

A Frothy Flower

You will need to concentrate to get the knack of this one, but once you do you will find making these lovely flowers somewhat addictive.

Granny at the Pictures pincushion

Granny at the Pictures Pincushion

A pincushion tutorial – or you can just use the granny square pattern.

Mind the Gap Granny Square

Mind the Gap Granny Square

A very funky granny square pattern. I can guarantee that you’ll find it really useful.

Fingerless crochet mittens Fingerless Crochet Mittens

Super-cosy and very quick to crochet – a great seasonal gift!

23 thoughts on “Crochet Patterns

  1. Re the Slouchy Market Bag, just started making it and got as far as row 4 which mentions’ to remember to move the marke after the first sc’ does this apply only to round 4 or all rows up to and including 16. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Angela Pierce.

    1. Hi yes, Angela, you need to keep moving the marker until you have finished the base of the bag. It is really easy to lose the first stitch of each round, so having the marker there to remind you is really helpful. Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  2. Hi there – I love the frothy flower and, as you say, it’s very addictive! I’m getting a bit overrun by them. Would you mind if I sold them on a craft stall at Christmas – happy to credit you with the design!

  3. I’m really liking the slouchy bag. I was wondering if I could sell the finished product in my etsy shop giving you credit for the design

  4. Hello can i buy you crotchet patterns on line? I do so like them and would love to make something. Thank you

  5. Thank you so much, I really didn’t think of folding the flower over toward me. I will give it a try and maybe post a comment when I finally get it together. Thank you!!

  6. Hello, I’m trying to make the frothy flower but don’t understand how to do Row 4. Do you have a video I can watch?

    1. Hi Margie, I am really sorry, I don’t have a video. It has been my intention for some time to take a few pictures to help people along – hopefully that will happen in the near future. Another maker, Megan, left a comment that some people have found really helpful to explain round 4: “Hi gals, I’m not the author but I just got done making 3 of these and they came out lovely! It took me a bit of time, but I figured out R4 and I might be able to help. You are going to hold the flower the same way as you have been, with the right side facing you. Then fold the top of the flower down toward you and work into the stitches you made in R2, which were the chain spaces. You will be creating larger petals behind the smaller ones. I continued to work the remainder of the rounds with the flower folded over in this way and mine turned out exactly as pictured”. hth a bit.

      1. Very helpful Megan! I ripped back to R4 and corrected my first flower which turned out very nice.

    1. Hi there Linda, the yarn I used for the frothy flower is Debbie Bliss’s Cotton Cashmere – it needs a 4mm hook. But you could use any suitable yarn with an appropriate size hook. Hope this is the information you need.

  7. I’m a complete crochet novice. Any advice on books or patterns to get me started? The ones I’ve looked at so far remind me of Higher maths, a period in my life best forgotten!

    1. I like Stitch and Bitch Crochet – the Happy Hooker (terrible title but there you go!) – but that is written with USA terms which means that it can get a bit confusing if you then buy UK patterns. Altho’ it does help to know UK and USA terms because so many free patterns on the web are in USA terms. I have to say that there’s no substitute for getting someone to show you – there’s some great films on youtube if you don’t have a tame crochet expert to hand!!

      1. Thanks for the advice. I have that book waiting in my Amazon basket at the moment (waiting on Christmas vouchers : ) ) but Ill have a look on you tube too.

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