Focus on…Felt

Gorgeous wool felt from Cloud Craft

Focus on Felt

Not all felt is the same: there’s 100% acrylic felt, which, whilst cheap and colourful, can look as though it really was very cheap, very quickly. My favourite non-wool felt is the fab Eco-fi felt made from recycled plastic bottles.. I like the great eco-credentials, and the look and feel, whilst not the same as wool felt, is nice and fuzzy.

Next on the price scale there’s wool/acrylic mix felt. The quality of this can vary, depending on the amount of acrylic in the mix, but this can be a great choice for quality whilst keeping expense to a minimum.

More gorgeous wool felt from Cloud Craft

Finally there’s 100% wool felt, which again can vary, depending on the way in which it has been made – for example the felt from Handmade Presents has a much more ‘natural’ bumpy look (think Steiner and Waldorf toys, if you know the style) than the 100% wool felt from the other sellers listed here. There’s also a variety of thickness too, so you might want to consider that when you are making your buying choices.


Cloud Craft

My wonderful sponsors, Cloud Craft, sell 100% wool felt that’s 1.5mm thick and comes in around 44 different colours. There are 3 different sizes of felt pieces to choose from, and the felt meets European toy standards. You can buy single sheets, themed bundles, or create your own bundles. They also supply 3mm felt too – great if you want to make sturdier items such as slippers and bags. As well as all this lovely felt, Cloud Craft have a carefully curated selection of all sorts of goodies for hand-sewing and embroidery. Totally gorgeous shop!


100% Wool felt sheets - 'Baby Bunting' Collection
Baby Bunting collection of wool felt from Cloud Craft




Blooming Felt sell 100% wool sheets in 2 thicknesses. The 1.5mm pieces are 8″ square, and the 4mm thick sheets are available in 10″ squares or 1 metre squares. There are masses of colours available and the quality is good. They have a loyalty scheme, and sell lots of other crafty and jewellery-making goodies as well as felt.


I have a real affection for Handmade Presents as it was the first place I managed to find some 100% wool felt. They have a large selection of different sizes and thicknesses available. They also have a very beautiful selection of organic plant dyed wool felt sheets.


The Felted Rainbow

The lovely Jenny and Joe at The Felted Rainbow sell a great recycled felt – this fabric is made in the USA from Eco-fi, a high-quality polyester fibre made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Although it’s a distant relation to wool felt, it’s a brilliant fabric to work with. It comes in a fantastic range of colours (they have 34 in stock at the moment(, and it has a fuzzy, bouncy character that is great for crafting with or for kids, doing applique and much much more. I love using it for pincushions – like I did here in my cupcake tute – because it’s fab for sticking pins into!


The Wool Felt Company is owned by the same people who run the excellent fabric shop, Fabric Inspirations. They stock natural pure wool felt sheets 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thicknesses, in loads of different colours. They also have 30% and 40% blends of wool felt in lots of colours too. A fantastic range! The wool felt meets the European toy making standards.


Paper and String is a shop packed full of gorgeous goodies including  40% blend wool felt in a great range of colours. They also sell an intriguing thing called Fab(ric) felt which is felt with a bonded layer of cotton fabric – looks pretty fabulous! There’s a ton more to look at and enjoy here – kits, ribbons and trims and craft boxes full of goodies, and loads more.


The Eternal Maker have a lovely wide range of good value wool-rich felt (usually about 30% wool and 70% rayon) in a lovely big variety of colours. You can buy it in 10cm increments off the bolt, which is 90cm wide. They also have some very sweet charm pack bundles in coordinating colourways.


The Felt Fairy sells 30% blend felt in loads of different colours, felt balls, and a limited range of haberdashery.


Fuzzy Fish is an Etsy seller selling acrylic felt and wool blend felts, in some really lovely colours.


Dragonfly Fabrics have a lovely selection of boiled wool – fabulous if you want a felted wool for dressmaking.

2 thoughts on “Focus on…Felt

  1. Thank you for this! Just what I needed :)…if you could recommend the best felt out of the above for cushion embroidery which would you say? Its very hard to gauge quality on the computer would appreciate your experience!
    All the best

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