Destashing in 2018

Hello 2018

Happy new year to you all!

I hope you’ve had an excellent Christmas and holiday season. I had a very restful time – unfortunately I wasn’t well over the Christmas weekend, but at least it forced me to have a proper break, and we had a lovely peaceful time.

I am planning some changes… I’ll write more about them over the coming weeks, but my first step is to have a big declutter at home and a destash of my fabric hoard. I have a real sense that I want to sweep the decks clean!

So, if you are interested in a fabric bargain, I am selling via my Instagram destash account – veryberrydestash, and this will take at least a month to do, so don’t despair if you’ve missed out so far. I know not everyone has an IG account and I apologise for working from there, it’s just the easiest, cheapest way. You could always set up a private account on IG on a temporary basis if you’d like to do some shopping…

Before and after in the destash area:

destash fabrics

destashing fabrics

As usual, at the start of the year, I want to say a big thank you for all your support in 2017 – and let’s look forward to lovely, absorbing creative adventures in 2018.

Tutorial: Appliqué Christmas Tree Mug Rug

Applique Christmas tree mug rug by Very Berry Handmade

Mug rugs are such cute little projects and make lovely gifts. If you’re not a quilter, you might not have encountered them before – the idea is that they are larger than a coaster and smaller than a place mat – ideal for a cuppa and a side order of festive treats…! If you are gifting a mug rug, I love the idea of including a label with a bit of explanation of what it is – something like this perhaps, although probably with some washing instructions too.

Applique Christmas Tree mug rug

‘Mug rugs’ make really nice wall art too – in fact I’d say that quite often there’s a very fine line between quilted postcard and mini-quilt and that line goes straight through the middle of a mug rug..!

I developed this pattern for my Christmas stitchy club, and even the beginners finished their mug rugs with in the 2 and a half hours we had available, so I’d say this is a nice quick project (especially if you are already good with patchwork, Bondaweb etc.) and also very achievable for a new stitcher.

Pattern notes

  • This is a self-binding project, so the backing will also form the binding – make sure that the fabric you choose for the back will work well as a binding on the front.
  • The finished mug rug is 6.5 inches by 8.5 inches.
  • The seam allowance is 0.25in throughout.

You will need

  • Strips of fabric at least 1.5in by 7in for the tree and the patchwork
  • At least 6.5in square of background fabric (the dotty fabric on my mug rug)
  • At least 8.5in by 10.5in fabric suitable for the backing and binding
  • Small piece of Bondaweb (at least 4.5 inches square).
  • Spray baste (optional)

Cutting list

  • For the patchwork strip and the appliqué tree cut 6 strips measuring 7 inches by 1.5 inches.
  • For the appliqué background and side strip cut one piece measuring 5in by 6.5in and one piece measuring 1.5in by 6.5in.
  • For the back and binding cut a piece of fabric measuring 10.5in by 8.5in.
  • Cut a piece of batting measuring 8.5 by 6.5 inches.

Make the patchwork strip and appliqué tree

Stitch the six 7in by 1.5in strips together and press the seams open:

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 2

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 1
Cut this patchwork piece into 2 sections measuring 3 inches by 6.5 inches and 4 inches by 6.5 inches.

Draw an isosceles triangle measuring 4 inches high and 3.5 inches across the base on the paper side of the Bondaweb piece and cut out roughly.

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 3Iron the Bondaweb triangle onto the back of the 4in by 6.5in piece of patchwork.

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 4

You can position the Bondaweb however you like, but avoid having any very narrow strips at the top or bottom of the tree. Cut out the tree shape:

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 5

From the left-over fabric cut out a small rectangle to form the tree trunk/pot and back with Bondaweb.

Making the mug rug top

Decide which way up you want the patchwork strip to be. Pin the 5in by 6.5in piece of background fabric right sides together with the left hand long edge of the patchwork strip.

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 6

Stitch (you don’t need to reverse stitch), then press the seam towards the patchwork strip.

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 7

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 8

Repeat the above with the 1.5 inch by 6.5 inch piece of background fabric to the other side of the patchwork strip:

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 9

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 10

Peel the backing paper from the Bondaweb and position the appliqué pieces centrally on the larger piece of background fabric and iron into position.

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 11

Square up the mug rug top, making sure that the edges are nice and straight and you have 90 degree angles at the corners.


Apply a light coating of spray baste to one side of the batting and lay the completed mug rug top onto it. Spray baste the back of batting and place centrally on the large piece of backing fabric. If you don’t have spray baste, just pin the 3 layers together, making sure the backing fabric is 1 inch bigger all round.

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 12Remember that the ends of your quilting will be visible on the back of the mug rug – you can’t hide them in the binding, so finish off stitching by burying the knot, or with a bit of discreet back/reverse stitching.

Adjust the stitch length on your machine to 2.8mm and quilt round the edge of the tree (actually on the tree itself) – leave long threads at the start and finish. Pull the threads to the back and knot, then bury the knots between the layers of fabric.

Quilt either side of the patchwork strip on the background fabric – reverse stitch at the beginning and the end of the stitching to secure it.


Starting on one of the longer edges, fold the edge of the binding in to meet the edge of the mug rug top.

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 13

Fold over again to create a binding on the mug rug top, and pin into position. I found a glue pen and lots of pins/clips to be very helpful with this.
When you reach the corner, fold the fabric at a 45 degree angle, so that it forms a triangle. The fold in the fabric needs to align with the adjacent edge of the mug rug:

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 14

Fold the next section of binding down over the triangle, so it touches the edge of the mug rug, as before:

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 15
Then fold the binding over the front of the mug rug, making sure you create a nice neat mitred corner. Pin to hold the mitred corner in place.

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 16
Continue all round until the binding is all folded into position:

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 17

You can now choose whether to hand stitch the binding down with a blind hem stitch, or machine stitch it into position.
If you choose to machine stitch, make sure that the fabric at the corners stays in position as you stitch – you might find it helpful to use an awl, a long needle or a Hera tool to hold the fabric in position as you stitch.

Christmas Tree Mug Rug Step 18
You can also choose to either leave long threads at the beginning and end of your stitching, knot them and bury the knots in the binding, or you can do a little bit of reverse stitching in an inconspicuous place to secure the machine stitching.

Applique Christmas Tree mug rug Very Berry blog

Hope you enjoy the tutorial, as always I’d love to hear how you get on with it.

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