Support Your Favourite Small Business!

I shared this little graphic (by the fabulous Isadora Zeferino) on Facebook the other day and it got a lot of positive reaction.

I thought I’d share it again with you lovely blog readers today because it’s Small Business Saturday – a good positive thing to celebrate after all the full-on consumer madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday…! It’s a really good reminder that although it is brilliant when people spend money in my Etsy shop (10% off 2-3 December!), make a donation to my blogging efforts or book up for one of my sewing workshops, it’s also (almost as) wonderful when you share my blog, leave a comment, say hi on Facebook, or drop by and click a heart on Instagram. Sometimes, when I’m feeling gloomy, a kind word makes all the difference!

I’d also really appreciate your votes in the quilting category of  2018 British Craft Awards. I’m so delighted to be nominated again.

craft awards 2018 vote for me

And if you have money to spend – here are just some of the goodies I have for sale over in the shop – 10% off right now!

Etsy shop goodies

Do you journal?

I’m really interested in the idea of keeping a journal at the moment. Some friends of mine recently introduced me to bullet journals (aka Bujo) – have you encountered them? I can’t believe I have been on Pinterest/Instagram for so long without having noticed them. Rather than go into huge amounts of detail about the concept, here’s a great introductory video by the creator of the BuJo, Ryder Carroll, and here’s the official Bullet Journal website.

A friend has been doing bullet journaling for a while now and was kind enough to share how it works for her – it was so interesting and I could really see the benefits of categorising, indexing and organising tasks, lists, plans and ideas. And of course, now I have found them, I am totally blown away by all the amazing BuJo resources on Pinterest!).

Although I feel very wary about taking on another activity that I won’t be able to maintain, I am coming round to the idea that keeping a bullet journal can increase focus and productivity, so it might be time well spent. My current system is not so great…here’s a couple of pages from my current note book/diary/to do list:

Current journal

As you can see, there are creative ideas mixed up with personal stuff, random doodles, future project lists, urgent tasks, and I confess that it has become so disorganised (and frankly, depressing) that I am scared to open it sometimes – which really does defeat the object of keeping it.

I’ve also been investigating other kinds of journaling including morning pages, as developed by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, and art and creative journaling too. More about them another day, but in the meantime, I’m interested to find out – if you keep one, what kind of journal do you keep and how does it work for you?

Vote for me!

I’m really pleased and honoured to have been nominated for the dotcomgiftshop Blog Awards 2017.

Dot com gift shop awards nomination

I would be absolutely delighted if you would like to vote for me – and the happy news for you is that all voters enter a prize draw to win £100 worth of their chosen dotcomgiftshop gifts, so please spread the word and get your friends, family and followers voting!

Thanks as ever to all my lovely readers for their support and friendship – I always hope, when I get nominated for something like this, that one of you out there gets their name drawn out of the hat for the prize!