Listen of the Week 3: Brené Brown at 99U

Listen of the week

I’m not that great with self-help books – as soon as I see the words ‘this book will change your life’ on the cover, I am absolutely not picking up that book. So I was mightily suspicious of all the fuss about Brené Brown, whose TED Talks on Vulnerability and Shame were viral sensations, and who has written several self-help-type books which result in reviews like “A mind-blowing, life-changing read … gets to the heart of life” (Red magazine on Rising Strong).

But friends were enthusiastic – and you have to trust *them*, right? And, as a result, I’ve become a bit of a Brené-Brown-on-YouTube addict. Her talks/presentations are like a 25 minute boost of pep talk when you are wondering why you have bothered to leave the house or even get out of bed at all. She’s pretty wise and very sharply humorous, and I get the impression that she is a fairly normal woman talking about her lived experience, which is not the feeling I sometimes get from other Internet sensations….

One of my favourites on YouTube is a lesser known talk she made at a 99U (“The mission of 99U is to empower the creative community”) conference. She addresses the vulnerability of the creative life and how hard that can be, but stresses the importance of ‘showing up and being seen’, encouraging us to welcome our critics and allowing them sit in the audience. But I won’t spoilerise too much – hope you enjoy it yourself, it’s just a 25 minute listen and well worth your time.


And if you enjoyed the listen, you might enjoy a post I wrote earlier this year about working with your inner committee – which has some ideas that work really well with Brené Brown’s suggestions about how to deal with criticism.

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