Introducing my new sewing studio

Earlier in the summer I had the opportunity to move from my lovely studio 27 at ACAVA Studios: Spode Works to a bigger space (2.5 times as big!) in the same Studio complex. Although it’s a scary prospect (2.5 times bigger means 2.5 times the rent!) I feel increasingly sure that I want to focus on teaching, so it makes sense to me to have a space where people can come and learn with me in my studio.

I am very gradually settling in, and I’m not done yet, I need a few more bits of storage, another table and some chairs for starters, but it is increasingly beginning to feel like home, so I thought I’d share some photos of the work in progress. First up on my wall were my selvedge mini-quilts, made for Love Patchwork and Quilting about 18 months ago. I am so glad I decided to keep these!

Mini quilts on the wall in my studio at Spode

I was also glad to get all my ATCs and mini-hoops into position on the window sills. I have two lovely large windows, but I don’t get the sun until the late afternoon, which is so much better for sewing and photography purposes! My old studio used to get uncomfortably warm on sunny days.

The window sill at Studio 5 Spode Works

This is my main sewing area. The windows are quite high, so fortunately I can’t get too distracted by what’s going on outside.

My work space at Studio 5 Spode Works

My succulents are doing well in their new home – and I am gradually acquiring vintage Spode china to put them in. This pattern is one of my favourites – Chinese Rose:

Succulent in Spode china cup and saucer

This is my favourite corner of the studio. I am on the look out for a nice comfy armchair to put next to the lamp for those times when I am sewing binding or doing a bit of English paper piecing. It’s great to have a finished quilt on the wall too!

Favourite corner of Studio 5 at ACAVA studios Spode Works

Here’s a view from the ironing board of the entire space:

Studio 5 the home of Very Berry Handmade at Spode Works

Lovely isn’t it! I’m very lucky I know. No doubt I will be sharing more photos as time goes on – I love to rearrange furniture until I have everything just right. And if you fancy a day at the studio, I am planning stitchy retreats and small class teaching in the studio – do get in touch if you might be interested.

17 thoughts on “Introducing my new sewing studio

  1. Beautiful, and inspiring…. I’m in the process of re-launching my teaching space since moving homes. Good luck with your classes, I’m sure they’ll be as excellent as your written tutorials!

  2. I just love seeing other quilter’s sewing space! Such great light! Beautiful china tea cup and your selvage stars are fun. So many interesting things to see! What kind of classes do you think you will be giving there?

  3. Hi, i am so happy that the Spode site has been renovated and thrilled your studio is there. Will you be doing any meet up and sew sessions or is it mainly teaching! I am an avid patchworker and have been so for 30+ years. I run a little group in Madeley ( nr Keele) but would love to meet fellow sewists. Good luck xx

  4. Hi Ali This all looks so wonderful although I dont think you are lucky at all, it seems to me that you have worked extremely hard to get to this point. Great to be able to display stuff and I live the selvedge star,Also very much like succulents have just started to try them although mine are outside, th vintage china sets them off fabulously,I have just béen to the UK via Warwick with neighbour from France and then to see daughter so I may be in touch one of these days.I am sure teaching is the way for you to go,I know it was your blog that got me back sewing (even if not very well!) congratulations and I Hope you do well.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous – I love the way your layout. I would be in my element in this space. I am currently in the ‘just in my head’ planning stages of putting some ‘my crafty space’ together. It will come to fruition by end of 2018 as I’ve not long moved home so have only managed the hallway, kitchen and daughter’s room. Physically working on the lounge – I’ve been loving all the handmade crafty touches so far. Wishing you all the happiness in your beautiful space -Rebecca xx

  6. Hi Ali how wonderful I am so pleased for you. I would definitely love to come on a sewing retreat or any event. I live near Chester so not a million miles away and my son lives in Longton which is quite near to you I think. Big hugs
    Dorothy xxx🙋🏻

  7. Wonderful space Ali. I would stay there all day if it were mine. I am sure you will make a great success of it. Good luck with the teaching.

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