What does sewing mean to you?

Naomi has asked me to share her study into sewing and what it means to people (under 40s only), so I’m reblogging this here for you to read and participate in, if you’d’ like to.


University of Bristol School for Policy StudiesExploring the experiences of people (aged 40 years and younger) who sew as a hobby and the role sewing has played in their lives

My name is Naomi Clarke and I am at the University of Bristol studying for an MSc in Social Work Research.

“What is the research about?”

As part of my MSc I am doing a research project about younger people’s (40 years of age and younger) experiences of sewing as a hobby.

“What is involved?”

I am really interested in exploring people’s stories. This might include what brought you to sewing, when sewing has been particularly meaningful for you, what has kept you sewing, what you enjoy about sewing, and also any potential benefits you feel sewing offers.

I would like people (aged 40 years and under) who sew as a hobby to either make a textile piece or share a photo of a piece already…

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11 thoughts on “What does sewing mean to you?

  1. To me it means that i dont have to wear what everyone else is wearing and that i have a choice.

  2. Oh I love sewing! My mum taught me to sew beautifully. She was a perfectionist, however I gave up serious sewing quite some time ago as my art took up most of my time. I sew about once a year now and still enjoy it and wish I had more time to sew. I have just inherited my mum’s sewing machine, so now I am thinking, ‘I really need to make use of this machine’, so I guess I will be sewing in the very near future.

  3. One of my hobbies is knitting. I taught myself in college (when I didn’t feel like studying). At one time I was making hats for people I worked with. Knitting is a great stress releiver!

    1. That doesn’t mean your experiences are any less worthy!! Just unfortunately I needed to set a limit (I’ve explained a bit more why in the blog). Very best wishes,

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