Tiny Tabletop Gardens – giveaway

Here’s a rather daft blog to send you away from my blog! But I wanted all you lovely readers to know that I have a review of the gardening book Tiny Tabletop Gardens over on UK Handmade today.

Tiny Tabletop Gardens cover

It’s a really inspiring book with some excellent ideas and good plant care info – but you can read more over at UK Handmade!

Because my bookshelves are packed full with gardening books already, I am giving away my review copy – you just need to pop over to my Very Berry Handmade Facebook page (sorry non-Facebook people, there will be other times…) to enter.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Tiny Tabletop Gardens – giveaway

  1. Hi, just wondering if you can answer… does it give before care to containers. As I love my tins and this would be a great use but wet soil and they would be rusty and dead in a few months??

    1. Hi Kirsty – there is some info about choosing the right kind of container for the job. She suggests only using your most precious tins for indoor plants that don’t need much water. Hope this helps a bit.

      1. Thank you, love the mix of info but especially the sewing on your blog 😊

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