Zippy pouches and fear

I’ve been making zipped pouches recently using my own free sewing tutorial. I need the pattern to be totally fresh in my head because I am teaching a zipped pouch workshop at Hollies Haberdashery next Saturday morning.

Zipped pouch by Very Berry Handmade from free tutorial

I’m looking forward to helping my students get over that awful fear of zips that seems to afflict so many people. In response to the first blog post in my series on unlocking creativity in your sewing, Helen pointed out how strange it is that something that is supposed to relax you can actually be a cause of stress.

Facebook event image

On the same day that I read Helen’s comment, I also saw a passionate post on the UK Quilters group on Facebook from a lady who teaches free motion quilting (a definite source of stress to me) pleading for people to come to her classes ready to relax and enjoy FMQ instead of arriving all fearful and tense.

My experience of teaching so far tells me how important it is (and how tricky it is!) to help people relax. Maybe evening lessons with a large glass of wine to hand is the answer 😉

Pouch by Ali Burdon of Very Berry handmade for class
I added a zip pull to this version of my zipped pouch (sadly we won’t have time for this next Saturday) – if you want to have a go, I have a tutorial for making a fabric zip pull too.

I’ve been musing on all this, and of course, it’s not really the sewing that is the problem, just our fear of messing up and making a mistake. And of course, in the class situation there’s that rather nasty fear of messing up in front of a group of people you don’t know, and the scary teacher person (although I hope I’m not too scary)…

There’ll be more about sewing-related fears (which is an epic subject for me!) and ways to let them go, in Monday’s blog post in my creativity and sewing series.

2 thoughts on “Zippy pouches and fear

  1. Hi Ali,
    I’ve no problem with getting things wrong (I’m an LS teacher) – reframe- messing up is a learning experience – learn from your mistakes and improve for next time. I just hate wasting expensive fabric. Must be my Scottish ancestry!
    I do enjoy reading your blog posts and the things you make are beautiful – really. Have faith in your talent.



  2. Hi Ali thanks for the tutorials they are so helpful. Bags are my go to sewing but I still tremble at the zips and have tried lots of ways to insert the ‘perfect’ zip – your version looks very good so I will have a go. Although I love sewing I do get stressed when making anything as I just want it to be perfect ‘in my eyes’. I can see every little flaw and mistake although everyone says it is fine- I think perhaps they don’t want to hurt my feelings 😢 As for machine embroidery this is something I would love to master but as much as I try it always defeats me. It is good to hear that maybe I am not on my own. Have a wonderful weekend greetings to all your followers 🙋🏻Xx

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