Sewing and quilting – when you need a creative boost

All stitchers struggle with creative blocks, lack of inspiration and ideas, and even just general apathy now and again. I’m thinking of people taking their first steps in the world of sewing and textiles, wondering if they actually ARE creative at all, perhaps because early efforts were met with a less than enthusiastic response. Other people have been stitching and working with textiles for years, but have hit a block, for whatever reason. Or perhaps you are sewing regularly, but want to try express some of your own creativity, and wonder if you actually HAVE an authentic creative voice? Or maybe you’re still sewing but it’s become a source of stress rather than fun and relaxation.

I’ve been thinking so much about sewing, stitching, creativity and inspiration over the last couple of years, doing lots of reading and thinking, and I really want to share some of the ideas I’ve collected together about ways to getting started with sewing when ideas and inspiration are hard to find. So a new series has arrived at Very Berry…

An invite to join in with series of blog posts at Very Berry Handmade for stitchers sewers and quilters to unlock their creativity.

I have loads of ideas to share and explore. And because I am epically far away from being an expert on the subject, I really hope it can become a conversation and a sharing of frustrations, irritations, ideas and enthusiasm. First post will happen over the weekend, and it’s going to be about sewing rules! More fun than it sounds. 😉  Hope you can join me!

10 thoughts on “Sewing and quilting – when you need a creative boost

  1. I love getting ideas here.
    For me it’s a matter of getting off my phone and pulling the sewing out that is the challenge!
    I come online for inspiration and guidance but something keeps holding me back and I waste my precious craft time ogling others creativity. 😦

  2. Hi – I clicked over to the current post (below) and keep getting a window coming up asking me to sign up for your email list. It won’t go away and so I can’t read your post. There’s no place where I can x out of it. I already follow you via email. Can you fix it so those of us who are already following can click out of it? Thank you.

    Kathleen Kingsbury

    1. Many apologies… the possibility of x-ing out of it is there, but quite hard to see. I have fiddled with this a lot to make the little ‘close this window’ button more clear. Have edited again, fingers crossed that solves the situation. Thanks for persevering, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  3. Fabulous idea, I’m always in need of inspiration to get going, so many ideas remain stuck in my head and never get out so I’m really going to enjoy this series thanks.

  4. This sounds wonderful. I feel so much happier when planning creative work. But need lots of encouragement to keep experimenting and sticking at it when ideas don’t work. So looking forward to the first post. X

  5. Hi Ali sounds like a fantastic idea can’t wait for your next post. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Dorothy xx🙋🏻

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