100 Days of Curated Colour – Week 1

I am taking part in one of those great big Instagram get-togethers – The 100 Day Project – where lots of people are using the tag #the100dayproject plus their own person 100 day tag (mine is #100daysofcuratedcolour). I was really keen to do a project based on colour – it’s so important to my work and something that always gives me tremendous pleasure when I get it right, whether in my outfit for the day, in my garden or with my sewing!

One hundred days of curated colour header

I believe that colour is a language, and when you’re learning a language, you need to practice every single day. So, for 100 days, I am selecting (mostly – they’re my rules after all!) crafting materials from my home or studio, curated according to a Design Seeds palette of colours, which I choose fairly randomly, or by taking inspiration from an object that I’d like to use that particular day. My hope is that every day I put together these groupings of objects based on colour, the neural pathways that ‘do colour’ (not a technical term) in my brain will be strengthened, and gradually it will become a language that I can speak more fluently. Perhaps, it’s such an important language to learn, I will try and carry on after my 100 day project has finished. Here’s the first week:

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - pink blue green

1/100: Design Seeds – Market Hues: Fresh Hues

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - blue grey red

2/100: Design Seeds – Creature Color: Color Creature

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - yellow green lilac brown grey

3/100: Sorry – frustratingly can’t find this palette…

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - pink red grey blue

4/100: Design Seeds – Wanderlust: Color Way

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - pink blue peach green

5/100: Design Seeds – Maker Hues:Color Stacked 

the100daysproject day 6

6/100: Design Seeds – Rustic: Rustic Tones

Color curated moodboard by Very Berry for #the100dayproject - pink green red yellow orange

7/100: Design Seeds – Sweet Tooth: Color Pick

The favourites (by Instagram likes) are day 6 and day 7. I am not at all surprised by number 7 being very popular, it’s so cheery and zingy, but I was very interested to see that those blues and greys did so well. Maybe it was the beautiful Liberty lawn touches that attracted people. My personal favourite is actually number 1! I love that combination of green, blue and pink, with dark touches, it’s just lovely. Which one is your favourite? I’d love to know!

25 thoughts on “100 Days of Curated Colour – Week 1

  1. I’m really enjoying all of your palette picks. They each evoke a different emotional response to me. Like each one for different reasons. Bravo!! You are an inspiration!!

  2. I love number 7. I have always loved quiet muted colours, but after a hard year fighting depression I have fallen in love with these beautiful colours!

    1. It’s hard not to smile when you see number 7 – it is very full of life and vigour. My personal favourites are probably rich jewel tones, but there are some colour combinations that just give you a great big cheery high five, and number 7 does that for me!

  3. I really loved #6 but #2 is my favourite so far. Such a great idea for a 100 days of – this is something I feel I need to practice much much more.

    1. I am finding it really good fun so far, and it is really inspiring ideas and creativity. I think it might be quite fun to try and do it digitally too, maybe on Pinterest. Might try that when my 100 days are up. 🙂

  4. Your combinations are so yummy and inspiring. They make my hands really itchy to make something! You must be having a lot of fun with them. My favourite is number 3.

    1. Aww, thanks Bekki! I am dead keen to get making too… I have a long list of things I have *got* to make and am hoping I might be able to sneak one or other of these colour schemes in somewhere..!

  5. It has to be number 3 . I’m a sucker for any combination of purple. I use design seeds to practice mixing watercolours and making colour pallets.

    1. What a really interesting use of Design Seeds – it’s such a useful resource. I like purple too, and number 3 really surprised me. That’s one of the things that’s really come out of the project for me – how surprising it all is. 😀

  6. No. 4 is my favourite. I’ve been following your project keenly, as I look at Design Seeds regularly, but find the sheer number of palettes overwhelming. It’s great to have someone pick one out each day, and then put the colours into such lovely compositions.

  7. Definitely 5, gorgeous!! I love the coral and pink with the darker blue and mint! Your compositions are beautiful and it’s such a great project. I just bought a book I think you would like, The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St Clair.

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