Giveaway week day 2: Prinfab

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My lovely sponsors Prinfab provide a fantastic service – giving you the opportunity to create fabric using your own designs, artwork or photos. With a really simple-to-use design interface and 10 different kinds of fabric to print onto (including cotton, cotton percale, poplin, linen and drill) – it’s really easy to get started on your custom fabric adventure. I really urge you to go and have a play.

I’ve had a go at designing my own fabric, as I’ve written before, and it’s great fun! I was enthusing about this experience of Prinfab to a colleague of mine at Spode Works, artist and illustrator Sally of Sally Bateman Designs, and guess what? She now has the Prinfab bug and is starting to pull together her own fabric designs. They are so lovely, I thought you’d like to see them – for that little bit of inspiration – those cupcakes are making me feel hungry!

Sally Bateman’s fabric designs

As well as designing your own fabric, like Sally has, you can also buy fabric created by other artists/indie designers for a unique touch for your sewing. And if you are interesting in earning money from your fabric design, you can sell your own fabric designs for commission payments.



Printing underway at Prinfab


Unique fabric creations from Prinfab


Gorgeous bear design by Annie Swift

The giveaway

  • Prinfab are offering one Very Berry reader the opportunity to print 1 metre of their own design or photograph on any of their available fabrics including free delivery.
  • To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize, just leave a comment on this blog post – you are free to just say ‘pick me’, but if you want to tell me what you would do with the prize, then please do.
  • Entries are welcome from readers around the world
  • I will do the draw on Sunday 2nd April in the evening, so any entry made before then will be included in the draw.
  • To get extra chances of winning, please sign up to follow Prinfab on Facebook, sign up for their newsletter (link at bottom of page)follow Prinfab on Instagramor on Twitter, but you need to leave extra (one per follow) comments to let me know you’ve done so!

You can still enter yesterday’s giveaway! And tomorrow there will be yet more goodies for you!


101 thoughts on “Giveaway week day 2: Prinfab

  1. So not only would I be able to create a hand made item but it would be of fabric designed by me too. Brilliant idea. Fingers crossed. 🤞🤞🤞

  2. I have seen some lovely custom labels that were printed like that, though a metre may be a bit much. I’d love to have a go at designing some fabric for custom bags, too.

  3. Wow! Love this idea! I’d make pillow cases from a meter of one of their designs and have fun picking it too!!

  4. All of the Prinfab designs you’ve shown are beautiful! Boy, would I like to get my hand on some! Please! I will come up with a fabulous project.

  5. I would put some of my mother’s recipes, in her handwriting, on the fabric, and make tea towels for my daughters. Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  6. What a fabulous prize! I’m so pleased that Prinfab is available in the U.K. After seeing similar companies available to the US market. It would be my dream to make a tote bag out of fabric of my own design. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. I’m so happy you posted this! I was just looking for something like that in Europe, I could make so many things with my “own” fabric!

  8. Oh this would be THE giveaway of the year. Would love the opportunity to design my own fabric. Little frogs or octopus or retro campervans so many choices. Thanks Ali xx

  9. Wow, I have just the image for this! Can you imagine only wearing clothing with your own designs printed all over.

  10. This is a great giveaway! Thanks for hosting it. I would print one of the fabulous designs that my middle daughter drew when she was 5 years old. I have them all on my computer. One of them is very funny and represents our family of 5 on an airplane since we were living abroad and always traveling to be with my parents It was a great idea then to scan all these beautiful drawings of my three daughters. Now this girl will be eighteen years old in one month and with the fabric I could make a special bag for her.

  11. I have never thought of making my own fabric. Thank you for this amazing oppertunity. I would print a family picture to turn into a quilt

  12. I am designing an appliqué quilt currently that really calls for unique fabric. I haven’t heard of Prinfab before but I know what I’ll be doing with the fabric from them. If I’m chosen or not!

  13. Pick me please! Ifor I was the lucky winner, I think I’d have to have “design help” from my grandchildren or make something for them!

  14. I really want to make my own personal design fabric. It will be great to offer my products with my personal fabric. Please…

  15. ‘pick me’, I would like some fabric that has Lilly’s & the other Olive’s on them for my grandbabies so I can make them some dresses!!

  16. Hello Ali,
    What an amazing opportunity! YES, I would love a chance to design and print my own fabric! Thank you for the wonderful chance to win! I love reading your blog for the past two years!

  17. Oh wow I did screen printing at school and loved the process of planning it out … This would be fantastic!

  18. Ekkkkk! What a fantastic giveaway! I’d have a go at my own brand labels. So excited! Thanks for the chance

  19. A Prinfab fabric from one of my daughter’s photos from her current place of work – the Galápagos Islands- would be idyllic!

  20. I’d love to get this, I’m going to take some proper sewing lessons in a little while and having my own fabric to play with (after I got better at it) would be great! 🙂

  21. This would be awesome!!! I would design something myself… or have my daughter design something!! Thanks!!

  22. I would love to win this fabric, I think I would get my 3 kids to all draw a little pic and have this printed and framed

  23. Hi Ali I am a huge fan of Prinfab thanks to you – they are an amazing company- everything is delivered quickly and the website is a dream to use. A great prize again don’t know how you do it. I had signed up to their newsletter before but have signed up again. Keeping my fingers crossed- good luck everyone.
    Dorothy xx🙋🏻

  24. I would like to make some fabric with my granddaughter’s name on it to make a dress especially for her from nannie😍😍😍

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