Sewing Tools of Note: All Kinds of Magnets

Another one in my series of useful tools that make your sewing life run that little bit smoother. Today we’re talking about magnets… now, before you panic about my beautiful computerised machine getting scrambled because I’ve filled my studio with electro-magnetic waves, I really do urge you to read Magnets Won’t Break a Computerised Sewing Machine and emit a sigh of relief….


At my sewing class last week (I teach sewing classes now!), one of my students had a cute little magnetic gadget to help keep her seam allowance straight. It was so simple – just a magnet with a straight edge – and effective, and as I knew it would work on my machine (it wouldn’t be suitable for all, so do check), I added it on to an order I was making this week.

Seam allowance magnet

Now, I like to think I can eyeball seam allowances quite well after all these years of practice… but sadly the passing of the years is also causing a hideous falling off in my eyesight, so this is great for me –  I don’t have to focus quite so much on where the edge of my fabric is or where the lines are on my needle-plate. I love it! Not sure how it useful it would be for a 1/4 inch seam, but I have the edge of my presser foot for that..

I also threw some self-adhesive magnetic tape into my virtual shopping basket. I have long wanted to attach some to my sewing machine to store some of my Clover Wonder Clips whilst I’m stitching.

Magnetic strip for clip storage

Magnetic strip for storage

Looking good, although I have my doubts about the strength of the magnet, and I keep knocking the clips off with my saggy jumper sleeves, but hey, it’s nearly summer…

And finally my little do-it-all Merchant and Mills magnet, a stocking filler gift from my lovely husband, who knows me very well…

Quick magnet for picking up pins

I use it All The Time. It’s really great for picking up escaped pins from the carpet and pin spillages from the work top. I also keep it next to the sewing machine when I am stitching and just throw pins at it as I pull them out of the way. Much quicker than using a pincushion, and although not as fancy as a magnetic pincushion, it will do for me.

If magnets aren’t for you… I have plenty more Sewing Tools of Note


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7 thoughts on “Sewing Tools of Note: All Kinds of Magnets

  1. I’ve had the seam one for years on my old machine, but I was warned not to use it on my new one due to the affect on the computer. Is this myth or actual? I noticed you have an electronic Janome in the clover clip picture…..clearly you have experienced no problems. I find magnets so useful, but have cleared them all away……I’d love to get them back out again!

    1. Sincere apologies…..I’ve now read the opening linked article and will be reinstating all my little helpful magnet friends! My machine is new and I was categorically told by the people I bought it from not to use magnets!

  2. Ooh that seam allowance magnet looks like a saviour, where is it from or does I have a proper name I can search for?

  3. My indispensable magnetic gadget is a small magnet on a telescopic stick. Closed it is the size of a pen, and stores in my sewing kit, but it extends to 22″ and is invaluable for retrieving dropped pins and other metal objects. It is very popular too with my husband when he drops a screw in an inaccessible place.

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