Some online sources for exploring creativity

If you’ve been keeping up with me in 2017, you’ll know that I’m making an intentional study of creativity this year – with a reading list and everything. I’m also collecting online resources too. I’ve belatedly discovered creativebug and have been hugely enjoying watching How to Design Fabric with Lizzy House, Denyse Schmidt and Heather Ross. Although obviously it’s not specifically about creativity, it is about the how these three amazing designers use their creativity to produce their fabric collections, and it’s very insightful as a result. I particularly enjoyed Chapter 1 on inspiration and Chapter 4 on colour. In fact, the whole class is almost worth buying just for the section in which Denyse Schmidt talks about how she puts colours together and where she finds her colour inspiration.

How to Design Fabric
One of Denyse Schmidt’s colour palettes from How to Design Fabric

Investigating creativebug a bit more I’m adding things to my wishlist for future investigation.  Here’s what I have lined up so far:

As if that’s not enough to be going on with… I’ve also signed up, at the recommendation of a couple of friends, to do a Coursera course called Ignite Your Creativity. I have no idea what to expect there.  And I haven’t even started on what’s available to me over on Craftsy!

Project: Declutter to Make Room for my Creativity is also continuing (albeit rather interrupted by the beginning of my teaching career – it went great, yay!), as I try to get my studio space and fabric collection rather better organised. Working through the mountains of STUFF is the ideal time to catch up with my Podcast list. Recently I’ve added On Being… with Krista Tippett to my Podcast favourites.

On Being with Krista Tippett

If you are the sort of person who loves a bit of internal reflection and philosophical discussion on the subject of what it means to be human, you will love it. I heartily recommend it, as I recommend Krista Tippett’s book too. In discussions about how best to live life, creativity obviously comes up A LOT, and there is so much good stuff here, enough to keep you going over a lifetime of fabric-stash tidying I’m sure. But I’ve particularly enjoyed listening to Elizabeth Gilbert on Choosing Curiosity over Fearfor a very practical approach to what is important about creativity and how it works. And, just as good, but oh so different, Creativity and the Everyday Brain, a discussion with Rex Jung, a neuropsychologist – which is fantastic for its insight into what the brain is doing when it is being creativity (the answer seems to be…. spoilers…. not much).

Have you got any online recommendations for me?


3 thoughts on “Some online sources for exploring creativity

  1. Have you checked out skillshare? It’s a lot like creative bug in its set up but less focused on sewing and traditional crafts. I signed up on a feebie link and like it that much I continued my membership! If you fancy a try let me know and I can email you a link for a discounted 3 month trial (the one I used!) there is so much on there that covers creativity as a subject; how to find inspiration, working creativity into your everyday life, stretching your creative comfort zone etc I really recommend it 😊

  2. Oh wow Ali this is all right up my street- at present I am a complete beginner but am so eager to learn and develop. No wonder I look forward to your blog I learn so much from you – you are inspiring.
    Thank you
    Dorothy xx

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