Open-top bus celebrations…

Well, not quite… but, I am really delighted to let you all know that Very Berry Handmade was voted Best Quilt Blog in the 2017 British Craft Awards. Thanks so so much to everyone who voted for me, I was absolutely delighted to be nominated in such brilliant company in the first place, but to come out as the winner was something else entirely. Thanks so much to all of you for your support – you are all so fabulous!

Sadly, I couldn’t get to the awards ceremony, but lovely Sarah, who is the owner of my local fabric shop Hollies Haberdashery was off the CHSI Stitches Show, where the ceremony was held, and very kindly picked up the award (and a bottle of fizz – yay!) for me. Here’s my very fancy award, in pride of place down at my studio at ACAVA Studios Spode.


And here’s me – I just will not be parted from my trophy 😉


Thanks to Immediate Media, and to all of you, for this lovely bit of recognition, it means an awful lot.

22 thoughts on “Open-top bus celebrations…

  1. The perils of predictive text plus a senior moment!!! Previous comment should have read CONGRATULATIONS not confabulation. Sorry. It is great news.

  2. Ali so pleased that you won, you thoroughly deserve your success as you give so much to all your readers. I for one have been so inspired by you.
    Very well done Alixxx

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