Handmade with love

Not a resolution, but one of my hopes for 2017, was to give myself the time to make more gifts for friends and family  – although only to people who will appreciate them..!

Looking back over the last couple of weeks I seem to have been doing really well so far (perhaps I will pretend it was a resolution). As I haven’t blogged about many finishes so far this year, it seemed appropriate to share a few photos of these gifts, handmade with love, on Valentine’s Day.

Mini-hoop for friends who are having  hard time just now. Nano Iro fabric from years ago, with silver embroidered stars and a bit of appliqué.
A crochet hook pouch for a good friend who’s birthday I missed last year. Featuring fabrics by Melody Miller (View Finder) and Sarah Watts (Tokyo Train Ride) for Cotton+Steel.
A pencil case for a very generous internet friend I have known for 12 years, and met for the first time last summer! Drawn a total blank with the text fabric, but the cute houses are from Sevenberry’s Go Go Vacation collection.
A brooch, made for my sister. I used beautiful wool fabrics from Beyond Measure.

Valentine’s Day is a bit daft really isn’t it, with it’s focus on romance… when that’s such a small aspect of our human relationships. But I will be subversive, and use it as an opportunity to send much love to all of you out there, with thanks for your kindnesses and thoughtful words throughout the year. I am choosing to celebrate love, friendship and community today, so here’s to you all – *raises a big cup of tea* – you’re all fabulous..!

17 thoughts on “Handmade with love

  1. Such beautiful gifts. I find making and giving handmade gifts is the most satisfying part of making. All of your gifty makes are lovely. I love the little hoop

  2. Lovely, thoughtful gifts, each and every one of them. I especially like the pretty leaf brooch.

    Valentine’s day has always annoyed me with it’s focus on romantic love and the push to buy things to show someone you love them. My husband would tell you that having a wife who packs a homemade lunch for him and makes him an oatmeal and berries breakfast to bring to work every day is a more meaningful “I love you” than a card and a box of chocolates once a year, lol!

  3. I love receiving and giving handmade presents. Sadly, now I am back in work almost full time I don’t get as many gifts made for others. A handmade gift shows how much you care because you gave up time to make it, and also thought about every little scrap of fabric to make it uniquely perfect for that person. x

    1. Oh Kay I am sorry you don’t get quite so much time to make these days. I agree, it is so nice to be able to really put some thought into what might appeal to the recipient. Thanks for your lovely comment.

  4. Such beautiful and thoughtful gifts for your deserving family and friends. Your regular posts and brilliant swaps are gifts to us too. Thank you Ali, wishing you continuing friendship, community involvement and love too.

  5. Thank you Ali what a lovely gift to us all. This is the second St Valentines Day without my Darling Husband and it feels very sad as he was a real romantic. Your message cheered me up Ali, it is always a joy to read your posts. Fond greetings to all your readers.
    Dorothy xx

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