Mini-tutorial: Fabric zipper pull

Imrov pieced zippy pouch with fabric zipper pull plus tutorial

As you might have noticed, I’ve really got into using zipper pulls as a finishing touch on pouches and bags. Here’s a way I devised lately of making a fabric pull to match the pouch you are making. I won’t lie – it *is* a little bit fiddly, but the results are cute, and I think, worth it. I attempted all kinds of methods of attaching the pull to the zip and finally settled upon using a 7mm double loop split ring. They are very cheap and easy to get hold of from any beading shop or some craft shops – and come in different finishes; I got silver, gold and antique bronze – which seems a good selection to match up with most fabrics.

Tutorial: Making a fabric zipper pull

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-1

Cut a piece of fabric measuring 1 1/2 inches by 4 inches. Fold in one of the short edges 1/4 inch, and press.

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-2

Fold the fabric in half, lengthways, right sides together, and press.

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-3

Stitch the open long edge and the unfolded short edge closed – with a scant 1/4 inch seam. Reverse stitch or back stitch at either end of the stitching to secure.

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-4

Trim the seam a little and cut diagonally across the corner, as shown, without cutting through the stitching, of course!

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-5

Turn the tube you have created right side out. This seems a bit impossible at first, but if you use a blunt pointed knitting needle or crochet hook and start in the middle as shown, it actually comes together quite easily. Or you can use a fancy tube turner if you have one – that makes it very easy indeed.

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-6

Make sure the folded short edge that you made in Step 1 is tucked inside the tube, then press the tube flat (with the seam to the side), then hand stitch the open short end closed.

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-7

Thread the split ring onto the zip end.

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-8

Thread the fabric pull through the loop, so the loop is positioned at the half way point, and twist the fabric over, as shown.

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-9

Fold the fabric pull in half and pin the ends together.

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-10

Adjust your stitch length to a shorter setting (I use 1.5mm) and stitch across, as close to the loop as you can, leaving long threads at either end – DON’T reverse stitch.

fabric zipper pull tutorial step-11

Knot the two threads at either side of the fabric pull, then, using a needle, hide the thread ends by stitching them into the fabric of the pull, and trimming away any excess.

Here’s how the finished hoop looks:

Zippy pouch with fabric zipper pull

8 thoughts on “Mini-tutorial: Fabric zipper pull

  1. Thank you for the tutorial Ali!
    I’ll be making tabs for all my pouches, thank you!
    I love the fabrics you’ve used for your pouch ….. especially the teeny sewing machines! Clever twist too!
    Barbara x

  2. Beautiful work, as always…. I will try this on the endless number of bags and pouches I have been making… (can I call the pouches baglettes?). I like the twist….

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