Bye-bye 2016!

Wow, 2016 has been a bit of a momentous year for me. Taking the huge step of moving into my studio at ACAVA Studios Spode Works back in the spring, has been the high point in so many ways. Having a proper working space, away from the demands of home life, and being part of the artistic community at Spode has been amazing.

My studio at Spode Works, Stoke on Trent
Some views of the Spode factory site.
Ali Burdon in her studio at Spode Works, Stoke on Trent
Working on the Liberty postage stamp quilt at my studio at Spode Works.

It has also got me thinking a lot about how I want to move forward with my work in 2017. It feels rather confusing, and I have big decisions to make, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Watch this space!

I feel like my year has been dominated by making my Liberty lawn postage stamp quilt, recently featured in Today’s Quilter (you can read more about it on their blog). Here it is (the beautiful quilting is by Charlotte Jeffrey).

patchwork quilting projects shot on location

It was a labour of love with the emphasis on labour, and I am still too close to the effort of making this quilt to know how to feel about it, other than feeling proud to have got it done.

I have loved our Very Berry Artist Trading Card swaps so much this year, and I LOVE the way that people have participated time and again, and that such a supportive community has built up around them. All of this made me so excited to start a new swap in 2016 – a mini-embroidery hoop swap – it has been brilliant to admire all the awesome creativity that people have achieved on such a small scale. Here are the three I made this year – I’m looking forward so much to making more of these in 2017:mini-embroidery-hoop-swap-2016

There will be mini-hoop swap happening very early in 2017, so keep a look out if you’d like to join in, we’d love to have you along for the ride.

Finally, some of my favourite makes of the year:

Liberty lawn miniature quilt with 3/8 inch squares
Winter Sparkle Artist Trading Card
Daisy applique cushion with Tilda fabrics close up
Appliqué cushion with Tilda fabrics
Starry mini quilt by Very Berry Handmade 4
Starry mini-quilt for the Sewing Directory
Pencil cases on desk
Pencil cases with fabrics by Beth Studley
Rainbow mini-quilt for Anne 2
Cotton reel mini using selvedges for Love Patchwork and Quilting
Mini Liberty patchwork needle book
Mini Liberty patchwork needle book

Many thanks for all the lovely comments, chat, support, discussion, questions, encouragement and enthusiasm from all of you who have popped round to the Very Berry blog this year, it’s so much appreciated, I can’t tell you.

Here’s to you!


19 thoughts on “Bye-bye 2016!

  1. Happy New Year Ali. That quilt is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen. Is there a pattern for it please? If not I shall just make up my own – that’ll be a first that’s for sure. I would like to take part in the ATC please. Are they just quilted or are they stitched as well? Hugs Patti xxx

  2. Love your blog Ali and love the curtain on your studio window – with the patchwork edging! How did you make it? – Even the patchwork squares look translucent! Happy 2017!

    1. Hi there Barbara – thanks for your kind words. The curtains are just thrown together I am afraid – I needed to get something made in a hurry in the summer. It is a large piece of white Liberty lawn with 5 inch Liberty lawn patchwork squares. I sewed to rows of squares to the both sides of the white fabric and then hemmed round 3 edges, and turned over the top edge to create a channel for the curtain rail. They aren’t lined, hence the translucent look! Great for me because I need as much light as possible whilst keeping the sun out of my eyes! Happy new year to you too!

  3. Well done Ali on all of your achievements this year and I’m sure there will be many more to come. I have really enjoyed participating in each of the ATC swaps (I think I’ve only missed one) and surprised myself on what can be achieved with a teeny, tiny embroidery hoop. Thank you for organising the swaps for our enjoyment. Wishing you and your family a peaceful, happy and joyous 2017 x

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