Printing your designs onto fabric with Prinfab

I’m so pleased to introduce Prinfab to you as my blog sponsors. If you are UK-based, and have wanted to have a go at getting your own fabric designs properly printed, but have not wanted to risk the customs charges of using Spoonflower in the USA, then you will be so pleased to know that we now have a competitively priced option in this country.

I have been planning a proper introduction of Prinfab, as my blog sponsors, for ages, but wanted to do it properly – design some fabric, have it printed, and make something with it. Finally, last week, I had the time to sit down and use the system. I wanted to create a simple fabric which would reflect my interest in the history of pottery at Spode (my studio is based on the site of Spode). I thought I would go with text, as that would be simple to do, and not challenge my graphic design skills too much. Searching through the archive of pattern names at Spode, I realised there were loads of flower names, so I decided to stick to that theme.

My Spode-y tea cosy made with my Prinfab fabric. Please don’t tell anyone that the props are Wedgwood…

Having collected together a whole list of pattern names, I created a blank image, and then used PicMonkey, a free photo editor, to add the pattern names, in lots of different fonts. I also used a couple of the PicMonkey effects to give the words a slightly mottled look. From there it was super-simple to upload my image to the Prinfab site, and decide on the way I wanted my image to repeat across the fabric.

The fabric was with me within 48 hours, and I was pleased with it – it compared well with other quilting fabrics in my stash, in terms of weave and weight. I was also impressed with the quality of the printing, especially the fact that it was very nicely in line with the weave of the fabric – which is important when you are working with a text fabric and it’s important that everything lines up!


I felt a tea cosy was an appropriate item to stitch, given the Spode influence. The fabric was great to work with, and I loved the feeling that I had created something unique to me, and reflected my experiences over the last few months. If I have time, I have some ideas for Christmas text-y fabrics too…

Prinfab have recently introduced ‘Colour Fab’  – which will mean that colours will match those shown on screen more accurately, aeas of block colours are smoother and more vibrant and blacks are deeper and stronger – so there’s even more reason to give them a try. You’ll also be glad to know that there is a lovely range of fabrics on which you can get your designs printed, including cotton/linen mix, cotton twill, half panama, sateen and poplin – so there are lots of options here for dressmakers as well as quilters. If you are a designer, there are options to sell your own designs, and, if not, it’s possible to to buy fabrics designed by amazingly talented indie designers… and bring something wonderfully original to your clothes/accessories/quilts. So do go and have an explore and enjoy the possibilities.

4 thoughts on “Printing your designs onto fabric with Prinfab

  1. Love this, your print idea and the tea cosy, so clever! Prinfab looks interesting, would never have thought of printing words, this idea makes fabric design accessible and fun, have just had a look and saw some great prints from the indie designers too.

  2. Thanks for this introduction and congrats with the new sponsor! I love the fabric you designed. I think the fonts fit the goal beautifully!
    Just on a side note: did you know you that Spoonflowers has a German station as well? It works the same without additional custom charges. Just choose Germany for shipping and you are good to go! (I am not affiliated…)

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