One gobsmacked stitcher

So… trundling round Facebook today, I spotted the super-talented Kerry expressing surprise and pleasure that she had been nominated for Quilting Blog of the Year in the British Craft Awards 2017. Stopping to leave a comment of congratulation, I noticed that my name was there on her screenshot too! I can’t tell you how hugely surprised and beyond flattered I am to be in such amazing company. Just look:


Some of my very favourite blogs and quilty friends are in that list. It is unbelievably exciting to be there (even if I feel a bit like that nice Welsh lady with the collapsing gingerbread church on Great British Bake Off…).

So I started putting in my votes (not for myself, I hasten to add), and then this appeared:



Without being ridiculously humble, I had even more of a ‘I’m not worthy’ moment with this one…After 10 years of blogging and working hard at learning quilting and sewing skills, I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be on a list with these inspirational people. I don’t know who put me on the list, but I’d like to say a great big thank you to whoever you are, it means such a lot.

Do go and vote!


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