Mini-hoop swap round up

The second mini-hoop swap is drawing to a close, and it is wonderful to see all the completed works of hoop-art flying across the globe, from Australia, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia and the UK. Fingers crossed they all fly safely.

Carina sent me this wonderful hoop – huge thanks to her for my lovely swap gift:

Carina always adds that little bit extra to her swaps and inspires the rest of us with her creativity – we all love the beading, and the fact that she decorates the back of the hoop too.

If you search #veryberryhoopswap on Instagram you will find all the other lovely creations, but I wanted to share some here too, and some swappers have been kind enough to send me pics to make it easy for me – here they are:

Clockwise from top left: Katy, Sally, Annabel, Wendy, Vanessa B, Deborah.

And here’s some more:

Clockwise from top left: Catherine, Valerie, Lucy, Gemma, Paula, Mara.

Gorgeous aren’t they? As always I’m totally blown away by the creativity and skills of the swappers. If you’d be interested in taking part in future swaps, there’ll be another one in the new year that I’ll announce here (why not subscribe to my blog – you’ll find a button somewhere around here so you can!) and on my Instagram feed, so you won’t be able to miss it.

Huge thanks to Sonia of Dandelyne for creating these fabulous mini-hoops, and to Cloud Craft (an awesome shop for all your handstitching needs) for sponsoring the swap. So much appreciated by all of us!

5 thoughts on “Mini-hoop swap round up

  1. These are all so pretty, and so tiny! Such a lot of detail in a small space. I especially like the very last one that looks like it is done as a Dorset button.

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