Positively hoop swapping – my finished mini-hoop

my hoop for the Very Berry mini hoop swap Liberty fabric dandeylne

The second Very Berry mini-hoop swap (sponsored by the wonderful Cloud Craft) is drawing to a close… how is it September already? A few hours of stitching (this is my second attempt!) later, and I’m all done. Here it is in the final stages – complete with design pic, and the fabrics and thread I used.

Dandelyne mini hoop using clover wonder clips to secure tip

Fellow swapper Darrel came up with this great idea for using Wonder clips (usually for fabric only!) to hold the back of the hoop in place whilst the glue was setting. Thanks Darrel!

I’m really interested in exploring the usefulness of positive words and reminders at the moment (I refuse to use the word ‘affirmations’, but… you know…I find them very helpful as reminders to take a minute and think) and as soon as I had decided on the sun ray effect for the foundation pieced Liberty lawn, the word ‘Shine’ just popped into my brain. I think (I hope) my partner enjoy it. I am self-conscious about my hand stitching of letters, and had to re-do that ‘e’ several times!

hoop for the Very Berry mini hoop swap Liberty fabric dandeylne

I’m really looking forward to seeing the mini-hoops created by the other swappers – if you’d like to see them too, #veryberryhoopswap will find us on Instagram, and we’d love to have you along on later swaps – there’ll be one along in early 2017. And if you like the hoops and fancy having a go in the meantime – the range is by the wonderful Dandelyne, in the UK you can find them at Cloud Craft, of course, and here’s a full list of stockists.

8 thoughts on “Positively hoop swapping – my finished mini-hoop

  1. Ooooh this i beautiful! I would love to do a little embroidery/patcheork but dont have the patience for big works. This may be a perfect way to get my fix! I love all of your mini hoops!

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