Sewing tools of note 7- the lint roller


So, here’s a lovely cheap tool that you can pick up at the supermarket for my latest sewing tool of note – the quotidien lint roller (mine is from the Korbond range – and is refillable, which appeals to my sense of thrift).  It’s not glamorous,  not complicated,  just indispensable.

First up, and close to its standard purpose, it’s great for picking up errant threads from finished sewing projects, especially quilt tops. And a few pet hairs too if your house is anything like ours.

But it has got other uses too. You know when you are using the rotary cutter on a cutting board and you get lots if tiny threads caught up in cuts on the mat when you are trimming fabric and patchwork blocks (especially when your mat is as beaten up as mine)?

Removing threads with a lint roller
What a mess!

Well the lint roller cleans up that problem in a trice, and it’s so satisfyingly quick and easy:

Using a lint roller to clean a cutting mat
Gradually removing threads from a cutting mat with a lint roller
After one roll – we are getting there!

It’s so nice to start a new morning with a nice lint-free cutting mat (if only I could roll the inside of my sewing machine too!).

The other time when it really comes into its own is when you are unpicking stitches (never!).  After you’ve finished unpicking, a quick swish of the roller, and all the half stitches still stuck in your fabric will be gone in no time – just don’t use it on fabric that frays easily, or you could end up with a rather frazzled seam allowance!

This is the seventh in my series: Sewing tools of note. Hope you are enjoying them.

12 thoughts on “Sewing tools of note 7- the lint roller

  1. Thanks so much, would never have thought of this and going to try it today as I have a standard size but also a little travel roller which might even fit inside my overlocker!

  2. I love it! I have a lint roller but never thought to use as you suggest so I’ll have a cleaner cutting mat tomorrow. Thank you.

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