Mini-hoop swap – guest post from Carina

Huge thanks to Carina, one of the swappers in the current mini-hoop swap for writing this lovely guest post about the hoop she made for the first swap. I LOVE that Carina took the time to decorate the back of the hoop too – and her use of different craft skills is just fab. I think she also shows that’s there’s nothing to be scared of when you are having fun with these lovely mini-hoops.

The first swap I participated in that Ali organised was the 6th Artist Trading Card swap. So when Ali’s blog post notification came through that she was organising a mini hoop swap I couldn’t resist. The rules for the swap were set. As this secret swap was driven through Instagram, recipients could stalk their assigned partners for ideas, inspiration and likes. Although Ali requests mosaics to be posted on Instagram to provide some guidance, most participants generally are open and grant free creative licence.

One of my craft styles is to combine different media and techniques. So once I chose my yellow-green linen as the background, I then combed through my craft stash for whites. I ordered my hoop pack from the lovely Sonia.

Mini hoop swap rsources by Carina

I wanted to combine ribbon, beads, crochet and embroidery. I started with the ribbon as a starting point. I crocheted some flowers in both threads however the 4 ply was just too thick and bulky for this 5.5 cm/2 inch hoop. I made a couple more with the fine thread and sewed them in place. I sewed 2 rows of seed beads in place. Lastly I embellished with some French knots and daisy stitches.

Carinas mini hoop all completed crochet embroidery

After setting the linen in the hoop and gluing the back panel in place I just had to add a little something on the back. Using hand plier punches, I punched several shapes from Bazzill cardstock in complimentary greens. I glued them on the back to create a pattern and finished off by sealing them with Mod Podge. And shipped it off to sweet Paula.

Decorated back of mini hoop by Carina

I am currently participating in the 2nd round and can’t wait to see what these talented women create.
Oh and I just have to share the beautiful hoop I received from the gorgeous Betti.

Bettis felt and embroidery mini hoop

Thanks so much Carina!


The Very Berry Mini-Hoop Swap is sponsored by the wonderful Cloud Craft – where you can find these fabulous little hoops, and lots of other gorgeous hand-stitching goodies too!

10 thoughts on “Mini-hoop swap – guest post from Carina

  1. Thank you for your sweet comments. I am so happy to read that I have inspired you, given you new ideas or provided assurance you are on the ‘right’ track [there are no right and wrong rules anyway].

  2. I love it and how cool is that to do something on the back, so much time and patience went into this piece of art, it’s beautiful Carina!

  3. Great blog post. I too, plan on incorporating tiny crochet motifs in my swap partners favourite colours in this round of the hoop swap. Decorating the back of the hoop is a great idea.

  4. Ooh, gorgeous work, Carina! Betti’s hoop is also beautiful! I’m so glad to have read this, as I chose to combine crochet and embroidery as well, so I feel more confident now 🙂 Decorating the back of the hoop is a brilliant idea: if I feel brave enough maybe I’ll give it a go! Thank you lots for sharing with us! 💕

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