Doodling for the garden plus a Facebook giveaway

I have been having such fun this week.. I was sent some amazing Posca paint pens to try out and of course, dashed over to Pinterest to check out ideas for how to use them. If you’ve not encountered these fab pens before, then you need to check them out.. They are water-based paint markers that write on almost all surfaces including fabrics, glass, metal, paper, card, wood and stone. The markers are also water resistant, fade resistant and odour free. So you can imagine the range of applications.

Although I am enthusiastic to try them on fabric (and will let you know how I get on), I was so inspired by all the rock art on Pinterest that I had to try that first. I tried some doodly circles – which I am gradually dotting around our gravel paths. I was thinking they would make a really fun low-key treasure hunt for little ones. I love the fact that you can layer up the colours on top of each other.

Patterns Posca Pens

The markers are brilliant to work with because you’re working with paint, with all the convenience of using with a pen. They’d be fantastic for older kids who love drawing and painting, especially as you don’t have to worry about fumes, and the paint just washes off skin (you might want to make sure they are wearing old clothes though!).

Once I had started, I couldn’t stop… The shape of the stones which I collected got me thinking that I should try some owls. Here’s my little trio, sitting in a plant pot.

Owls Posca pens

Once I got going, I couldn’t stop, and I decided to make some decorated plant pots, once more inspired by Pinterest, naturally, with sedum hair. The terracotta pots were just 47p each, and I painted them with some old matt white emulsion before doodling their faces (much influenced by the wonderful Camila Prada – I’m not artist so I thought I needed a helping hand..).

Posca pen plant pots

It was tricky getting plants and soil into the pots without getting them too dirty! But I left them to dry out a bit and the compost just brushed off:

Posca plant pots

Thanks to Uni-ball for the chance to try out my doodling skills.. if you’d like to win a couple of sets of these excellent paint markers – pop over to my Facebook page, where I am giving some away!

6 thoughts on “Doodling for the garden plus a Facebook giveaway

  1. Oooh Ali I am inspirée! I recently printed a pot with some left over Annie Sloane, but I have another five or six,I Love the faces and they will go on my new balcony, can’t wait to get started, Thank you!

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