Sewing Tools of Note 6: Seam scraps

Part of a series on my favourite sewing tools.

Where can I get one of those, you are probably wondering… and what, err, exactly IS a seam scrap?

Well, big hurrah, you’ve already got one. This is the name I give to the piece of paper or scrap fabric that I pop under the presser-foot of my sewing machine when I’m beginning a seam, especially when I’m stitching fine fabrics (like Liberty Tana Lawn or cotton voile for instance). It stops that really annoying problem of your fabric getting scrunched/bunched or otherwise sucked down into the innards of your machine.

I made a little film to show how it works. It’s the first film I ever made… and it is probably being laughed at by Vimeo geeks as we speak, but hey, got to start somewhere… (please excuse my gardener nails…)

So there you have it! I learnt (sort of!) a new skill and hopefully you learnt a tip that will help avoid those annoying little bumps at the start of your seams.

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7 thoughts on “Sewing Tools of Note 6: Seam scraps

  1. It’s a really good tip, I forget about it until I loose the beginning of a fine-fabric seam down the innards of my machine!! A really thick piece of folded fabric works well used in the same manner for the start of thick seams and when you are about to go up hill to sew across a thick seam sections as it keeps the pressed foot horizontal so the stitches stay even.

  2. Hi Ali

    I have seen this done before but no one has recorded it in such detail and I have not got on well with this simple yet effective tip.

    So huge thank you to you for taking the time to do this I have just managed to do it for the first time – and yes it was Tana Lawn from Duck Egg Threads!

  3. Thank you Ali for the tip of putting a piece of paper under the presser-foot before stitching, brilliant ide, also thanks for the advice on quilting cotton , love the idea. Kind regards Valerie X

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