Mini-hoop swap inspiration

Here are some beautiful works of hoop art to inspire my partner and all us mini-hoop enthusiasts! These pics are all from Instagram:

Mini-hoop inspiration
Top L-R: @alexsembroidery; @haru.ki_; @helenatlovehandmade
Middle L-R: @marigoldandmars; @loveyousew_@woodentreehouse
Bottom L-R: @noplainjaynedesigns; @rachelemmastudio; @capriciousarts

If you haven’t made an Instagram mosaic before, it’s pretty straight forward. This is how I do it. Firstly I have the Instagram Layout App installed on my tablet. This fab little app (developed by Instagram) allows you to pull together a bunch of photos and make them into a collage.

Then I search around for pics of beautiful hoops – this is the fun part, of course. To be honest, I mostly looked through the @dandelyne account, because Sonia, who invented the Dandelyne hoops, is so great at sharing pics of beautiful creative hoops. But I also searched on #hoopart and #dandelynehoops for more inspiration.

Whenever I find a pic of a hoop which I really like, I use the screen capture function on my tablet to download the photo. As I do this, I also make a note of the makers’ names so I can tag them later. Once I’ve got enough pics to use, I open up the Layout app, and select the photos I want to add, then choose one of the suggested layouts. You can use touch screen controls to zoom in or out of the photos to make a great collage.

Finally I add the photo to Instagram, and tag each maker by tapping the specific part of the collage and adding their Instagram ID. Et voila! Why not try it, and give your partner for the #veryberryhoopswap a bit of extra help with the choices they make for your hoop.

The Very Berry Hoop Swap is sponsored by Cloud Craft. Get 10% off at Cloud Craft with the code HOOPY10 until 31 July. 



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