Bringing colour to my garden with planters

I absolutely could not resist saying a great big YES when Stewart Garden got in touch to ask if I would like one of their ‘Essentials’ garden planters to review. Although they have the standard brown, green and black of plastic garden planters, they now also have loads of gorgeous vibrant colours (Cornflower Blue / Mocha / Lavender / Cherry Red / Pistachio / Light Blue), AND they come in 3 different sizes (and they are pretty good value at £2.99, £3.99 and £4.99 each).

Stewart Essential colourful planters

Stewart sent me a large cornflower blue pot. So off I very happily went to my local garden centre to get some new plants to put in it (these freebies sometimes come with a price tag!). I picked up a tray of sweet purple violas, a Nemesia Wisley Vanilla – which smells incredible – and a variegated ivy… but then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted MORE of these fabulously colourful planters… so I picked up a small Cherry Red and a small Pistachio pot… And then some more plants found their way into my shopping trolley. Some little bush basil plants (I forgot to plant basil this year) and a stunning sedum called Sunsparkler…. well, you know how it is…

Close up of pink Stewart Garden colourful planter in my garden

The pots are really sturdy, and although they got very muddy whilst I was planting them up, the soil brushed off really easily without affecting the plastic (I find some plastic pots look dirty right from the start). I am so pleased by this colourful array tucked up against my garden bench – just close enough so that I can smell the delicious vanilla scent of the Nemesia and start dreaming about ice cream…

I think they look especially good against the gravel round the raised beds in my vegetable garden, and I think this combo of the cornflower blue, cherry red and pistachio (more ice cream!) work so well together.

Stewart Essential colourful planters from above

I can also imagine them looking fabulous for indoor use in a conservatory – or the smaller ones would be great for herbs in the kitchen. And with the colours available, your bound to be able to find one that matches your food-mixer 😉

Hope you have been finding time to enjoy your garden on this beautiful sunny and hot (well, here in the UK anyway) Tuesday. Hope I have got you thinking of a trip to the garden centre at the weekend… Thanks so much to Stewart Garden (here’s their Facebook page too) for the opportunity to review these fab planters.

3 thoughts on “Bringing colour to my garden with planters

  1. Well done Ali, a lovely addition to your garden. Even when the plants are not in flower, the pots will add a nice splash of colour.

  2. Lovely planters in such a great range of colours. Great to see them planted-up with complementary/contrasting plants and foliage. Don’t blame you being tempted by the other colours, I really like the pistachio and fuchsia pink versions.

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