How to write a Guest Blog Post

This week’s Artist Trading Card guest post comes with a little twist.. Lu has written some fab advice on how to write a guest blog post. She makes some brilliant points and has great advice, and what’s more, she’s made a fab ATC! 

Say something, they said . . . it’ll be easy they said!

Writing about your ATC 1

Remember that feeling on school speech day, wishing you could be invisible or go home with a serious illness, because you were so nervous? All eyes were on you as you to fumbled through your words. As part of my day job I do a bit of marketing style writing online and in designing leaflets, so am fairly comfortable writing for a particular audience. However, when it comes to writing about my own little world and its contents, I find the task as daunting as speech day.

Writing about your ATC 2

I have guest blogged twice before and I am still not comfortable with it but with enough practice everything becomes easier. What does it take to do a guest blog? Here are my thoughts:

  • The blog:  Always have a good look at the blog you are writing for; previous guest blog entries and the bloggers own. This gives you a feel for the style and typical content of the blog. Is it chatty and informal? Is it serious and filled with facts? What is the reader looking for?
  • The guest: Be yourself. Uniqueness is what the host wants to feature. Writing in my own voice flows more easily and helps a reader to connect with me and my world. They may like what I do and decide to follow me.  
  • What to do: Keep to the point. Blog entries needn’t be long and wordy. You have been given the go ahead to write about yourself and your work – a subject you know well. Readers are interested in something new and interesting, so tell them something new and interesting. Everyone loves to pick up tried and tested methods and tips. Be specific and stick to your theme. Get someone who knows you really well to proof read your ramblings before submission.
  • What to show: Photos, photos, photos! Obviously these must be yours and must be crisp, well-lit and relevant to the theme.
  • When in doubt, ask: Bloggers have busy lives too, but their blog is their window on the world and they will be happy to support a good blog entry you can both be proud of. Ask before you include any links or references.
  • Always: Say thank you for the opportunity to get your work shown in the very crowded online world.  Be prepared for editing to happen. Engage in feedback comments by answering questions and thanking people for compliments. In other words, be a good guest and use your manners!

Writing about your ATC 3

Hopefully next time you have the opportunity you will try it out.

Writing about your ATC 4

Say something – go on, it’s really not as hard as you think!


2 thoughts on “How to write a Guest Blog Post

  1. Love this, two for one! thanks for sharing the making of your ATC and the writing advice, very confidence-giving, feel I could, perhaps…!

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