Insect life

My garden (and house!) is beginning to fill up with moths and butterflies, and me and the kids are planning to do something for Moth Night which is coming up shortly.. So inspired by our insect friends, here’s a flutteringly fabulous post about my wonderful sponsors!

Butterflies and moths from Black Sheep Wools

At Black Sheep Wools: Tim Holz, Butterflight – taupeButterfly birth sampler


Butterflies and dragonflies from Dragonfly fabrics

At Dragonfly Fabrics: Japanese cotton print, Dragonflies – indigo; Moody Blues (Cloud 9), Butterflies


Moths and butterflies from Cloud Craft

At Cloud Craft: Floss and Mischief cross stitch, mustard moth trio; What Delilah Did, Fanciful Flutterbies cross stitch kit


Butterfly and Bees from My Fabric House

At My Fabric House: Bugs cotton fabric; Butterfly wooden buttons


Do flit off and have a look at all these lovely goodies!

One thought on “Insect life

  1. Insects of all kinds make delightful designs for needlecraft, so thanks for sharing your comments and pictures. For a while dragonflies designs were printed, and I did a few in crewel and one in cross stitch. A favorite purchase from a thrift shop on a suit gets attention, is a dragonfly. I will share your rhubarb frangipane recipe with three sisters (Oregon and Idaho, western US) who have thriving rhubarb plants.

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