Tilda Candy Bloom Blog Hop and Giveaway


I’ve always really enjoyed the cheerful and bright folksy charm of Tilda fabrics, so I was really delighted when Stitch Craft Create approached me to ask me to help spread the word about this lovely new Tilda collection, Candy Bloom.

I decided to take the opportunity of using these beautiful fabrics to combine  my old favourite, English Paper Pieced appliqué with a learning a new skill – making  a pouch with a bound edge and bound zipper.

Tilda Candy Bloom Pouch 1

I am really pleased with the results – I hope you like it too! I have to confess it was a steep learning curve,  and I really struggled to get the binding in place. But working with these beautiful fabrics really kept my spirits up. Isn’t that the joy of sewing with lovely fabrics? Even when it’s just that little bit stressful, you keep at it because you want to make something that does them justice (even if it’s second or third time round)!

I especially love the fabric I’ve used for the binding – it’s called Pollen (look away now, hay fever sufferers!), and comes in red, blue, grey, teal and pink – a really versatile little print in lots of lovely colourways – fabulous.

Tilda Candy Bloom Pouch 2 I love the shape of the finished pouch – I used Simplicity 9949 (not sure if this is available any more, I can’t find it on their website), and it reminded me how tricky following paper patterns can be! Not enough pictures!

Tilda Candy Bloom Pouch 3

Candy Bloom is a limited edition collection – so once it is gone, it’s gone. It includes loads of gorgeous fabrics, ribbons, buttons, notebooks, papers, adhesive fabrics and tapes – so there’s LOADS to have fun with… go take a look!

Candy Bloom Giveaway!

I have 2 scrap packs of Candy Boom fabrics to give away to 2 lucky winners! These are some leftovers from the collection of Fat Quarters that Stitch Craft Create sent to me for the blog hop. The pieces are about 9 inches square, and include all the fabrics I’ve used for the pouch, plus 2 or 3 more. The competition is open until Monday 23 May, when I will do the draw at about 8pm, and I am happy to post worldwide. Just leave a comment on this blog post to be in with a chance of winning. If you like, tell me your biggest sewing challenge, or I am happy with ‘pick me!’ as ever…!

good luck logo

Disclaimer: Stitch Craft Create sent me free fabric in order for me to participate in this blog hop.

70 thoughts on “Tilda Candy Bloom Blog Hop and Giveaway

  1. Your patchwork bag is beautiful. And really suits the fabrics you’ve chosen, very pretty binding. I’m making a Hexie quilt at the moment -that’s quite a challenge! X

  2. I love your pouch, so well made!

    Please pick me, I would love to make a lap quilt or bunting for our street party (for the Queen’s birthday) with this fabric, it’s gorgeous!

    Barbara xx

  3. Still struggling with FMQ, and I have a friend who would love to create a quilt with this fabric, so pick me so I can give it to her 🙂

  4. Looks like you made a great job of the pouch. Gorgeous fabrics and I would love to win your collection of scraps. xx

  5. My challenge would be to learn a little bit more about sewing. I’m a beginner and only made a couple of drawstrings bags until now. This collection is lovely.

  6. Lovely gorgeous fabric! Blue, red and white in a very nice combination of designs! My challenge would probably be to make an easy quilt. I’m more a fan of stripes and irregular shapes than traditional quilts so we’ll see!

  7. I love Tilda fabric, it has a nostalgic look and I love your pouch too. I need to find a new project for my sewing class soon but I am not sure If I am capable of making something like this yet!
    Perhaps I need a bit more practice before attempting to replicate your beautiful pouch.

  8. I absolutely agree with all the ladies above: The pouch is adorable! The Tilda fabric is very lovely and berry-freshing :-D…. who wouldn`t want to win it… I surely do 😉

  9. Love the bolder colours. I am new to this sort of sewing so on a bit of a learning curve but I can do a zip….

  10. Just started my first rosette on a La Passacaglia quilt – need I say more! Love the Tilda fabric.

  11. Pick me, pick me! Clothing is currently my trickiest sewing make….getting garments to fit perfectly is my goal!

  12. I love Tilda fabric but adore Candy Bloom. Your pouch is stunning Ali & shows off the fabrics beautifully. Please pick me! 😄

  13. These are beautiful prints Ali. My biggest sewing challenge has been making a sewing notions ‘book’ style bag for a swap. But I took a deep breath and worked methodically through it! Would live to win!

  14. Hi, sweet Tilda fabrics! Free motion quilting has been a real challenge for me>doing much better though! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I love the pouch! And would love to have the chance to win! My biggest challenge is finding time to do everything I want to do 🙂

  16. I’m up to my eyes making a hst quilt as a wedding present . So I’ve beaten the hst challenge . My next challenge will be neat appliqué
    Love the giveaway Ali

  17. Gorgeous fabric, gorgeous pouch. I love Tilda fabric and I would love to win this – so many ideas!!

  18. I love all you ideas for EPP. I like to stitch in the evenings and on the go. I also like to take a project on holiday with me to do in the evening and when we get back from our walks, so large quilt projects aren’t what I am looking for for inspiration. Your projects have been perfect. Love the Tilda fabric and would love to be put in the draw.

  19. This is a lovely fabric, Tilda always makes great colours and designs. My biggest challenge is still cutting fabric accurately, so I always use a Sizzix die when possible. x

  20. I love Tilda fabrics these are si colorful !
    now sewing challenge is everywhere for me : binding, sewing a zip, understanding a pattern… 🙂
    but I still go on so hope winning this gorgeous giveaway to try a pouch like yours !

  21. Youve made a wonderful pouch that truly displays the fabrics in all their grandeur! Thank you for the chance to win. Foundation paper piecing is still a challenge for me, but I will be taking a course this winter and hope to improve my skills!

  22. Perfect timing – I am allegedly in-between quilts so I could try and get this done in time for my birthday at the end of May

  23. Lovely pouch, such a professional finish (as always). These fabrics are gorgeous, as you would expect from Tilda. Inserting piping is always a struggle for me, how I long to be able to crack this problem! Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Attaching binding is always a challenge for me too! I’ve gotten a bit better lately but I still dread it! I love your project 😊

  25. Hi Ali, such a lovely pouch and using my favourite EPP shape, it reminds me of the fun Mum & I would have with our sewing.

    My biggest sewing challenge used to be keeping my seat at the shared sewing machine. As an employed seamstress & sewer for many years, Mum was much faster than I, and I would often hear “Why don’t you make a cuppa?” and before I was 2 steps away from the machine, she was there … & sewing. It didn’t matter if it was her sewing I was helping with, or my sewing for me (dresses, blouses etc) I always lost my seat & she always finished the machine sewing. Which left me with the cutting, tailor’s tacks and sewing on the buttons, all the jobs she hated doing. I think I had the longest sewing apprenticeship in history.

    Know what? I would change a thing!

    ❤ Marian (NZ)

  26. I love your bag and would love to make one just like it (or as close as I can). Thank you for the chance. Please pick me!

  27. Nice job on your pouch. I’ve never made a pouch like this, they do look tricky but they’re on my bucket list. By the way, pick me!

  28. Well, I’ve had a bit of a challenge today – trying to make sense of instructions to manipulate some fabric!

  29. Your bag is really nice and all the small details perfect!! I’ve never had Tilda fabrics before, so this would be awesome!
    Fingers crossed 😉

  30. I love your pouch! My biggest sewing challenge is getting the right fit for my shape shifting daughter. What fits one day may not fit the next.

  31. I would love to win this,I am doing a log cabin quilt at the moment with my sewing class using my scraps.it would be lovely to have new fabrics to work with thankyou

  32. Simplicity pattern 9949 is available on Etsy for around $5 for anyone who is interested in making the bag!

    1. I am challenged to get my sewing area cleaned up so I can sew again. Why does it get so built up with a project I don’t know. crystalbluern at tds dot net

  33. I crave Tilda Fabric, always pricey but well worth it, my greatest challenge right now is not to ‘over think’ this latest ATC, but I will not let it beat me! PLEASE PICK ME haha

  34. Love your pouch. Would love the chance to use some of these fabrics. Thanks for the chance Ali x

  35. Yay! Pick me! Not thinking about sewing challenges right now, I’ve just spent an hour fighting an aioli not wanting to behave (I won in the end, yay me!).

  36. My greatest challenge was making a quilt for my new daughter-in-law, I so wanted to get the right pattern and correct mix of colours to please her. She was thrilled with it and I was so relieved.

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