Sewing tools of note 1: Silk pins


So here’s the start of a semi-regular series on my favourite bits of sewing kit. It’s going to include basics and more obscure things, cheap things and expensive, things I’ve discovered recently, or things I’ve been using for ages that I wouldn’t be without…

First up are silk pins (link is to my sponsors, Dragonfly). I only discovered the brilliance of these pins recently… I guess I thought you were only allowed to use them if you were, um, sewing silk? But no, we’re all allowed to use them – here, just to prove it, are mine, all ready for action.

Silk pins 1

Silk pins 2

There are lots of different kinds (mine are from Clover), and they are not inexpensive, but, I think, worth every penny. The advantage of them over normal pins is that they are just so fine, so they slip very easily into fabric, and aren’t so intrusive, especially in quilting when you are trying to match up your seems very accurately. They are especially excellent for working with Liberty lawn and voile fabrics, but I use them for pretty much everything now – other pins feel very bulky in comparison.

I’d love to hear about your favourites sewing bits and bobs too, so do feel free to leave suggestions that hopefully I will be able to pick up on, later in the series.

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5 thoughts on “Sewing tools of note 1: Silk pins

  1. I have been using Clover Patchwork Pins for a while now. They are very thin and long enough, and have glass heads that are perfect for ironing. I love them. New favourite of mine are Tulip Hiroshima Sewing and Embroidery Needles. They are bendy, but don’t break easily, they are very smooth and glide through fabric easily. I love this new series of posts, Ali! Thank you!

  2. I love Clover pins but haven’t tried silk pins. I often use their appliqué pins for my EPP work as I love the dinky size.

  3. I use these, they are so worth investing in. Have just been working with a medium weight jersey knit with a silky finish and was confident I could pin away without getting ladders and pulls!

  4. Silk pins have been put at the top of my shopping list as they sound such a great idea. I’m looking forward to reading about other favourites.

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