Pictures from the Very Berry mini-hoop swap

Running the Very Berry mini-hoop swap was just an impulse really. I had bought one of the fabulous Dandelyne mini-embroidery display hoops from Cloud Craft and really wanted to make use of it, but needed a reason. And there’s nothing like getting some other people stitching along with you to give you a reason you an incentive! And look at what people came up with:

Mini hoops
Cross-stitch Fox – Deborah; Bright flowers on text – Betti; Button centre – Catherine; Flowers and tiny bee – Bea; Pastel flowers: Faye; Sleeping fox – Sue; Paisley motif – Ali.

It was a mini-swap in 2 ways – the hoops are TINY (5.5cm or less in diameter) and only a few of us took part (I wanted to keep it small as a first go). I have been blown away by what people can achieve on such a small canvas (there were some other fabulous hoops not picture here because I don’t have the pics, but #veryberryhoopswap will find more on Instagram) – it was a pleasure to see all the beautiful work.

The first mini-hoop swap, but definitely not the last!

10 thoughts on “Pictures from the Very Berry mini-hoop swap

  1. Amazed to see what beautiful pieces of work people created! I really enjoyed taking part, loved the hoop I received and would love to participate again. Thanks for organising.

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