Paisley tiny mini-hoop

The Very Berry Hoop Swap (#veryberryhoopswap on Instgram) has entered its final stages, and it is wonderful to see all the beautiful TINY stitches that people have been making. The idea was to create a piece of stitched art for a tiny mini embroidery display hoop (they are just 5.5cm/2.2in) available from my lovely sponsors, Cloud Craft.


I stayed simple and stuck with just tiny stitches. Most of this is worked with one strand of embroidery floss/thread, and I stuck with back stitch, running stitch, couching, chain stitch and seed stitch. It looks better from a distance – close up you can really see the wobbles!


I was so nervous about making these tiny stitches neat, that I decided to try out some sticky Fabri-Solvy from Sulky (also available Cloud Craft). This really clever paper can be fed through your printer so that you can print designs directly on it. You then cut out the design, peel off the backing and stick it to the fabric and stitch. When you are all done you just wash out the sticky paper. I was a bit worried about that stage – what if it didn’t wash out properly?? After all that hard work! But it was fine, and just dissolved away in cool water.

The mini-hoop itself is really simple to use with nice clear instructions – I was glad I have a glue gun – sticking it all together was a breeze, although there is always that frisson of anxiety that you are going to get hot glue all over your beautiful stitching.

There will definitely be another hoop swap really soon – and it’ll be open to a bigger group of people too. In the mean time I am planning to start the 9th (I think?) round of the Very Berry Artist Trading Card Swap started really soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

12 thoughts on “Paisley tiny mini-hoop

  1. Really lovely design. I must look into the transfer paper, I used waste canvas and mine definitely looked better from a distance! I wasn’t able to get a 5cm hoop so had to use a 4 cm instead. Thoroughly enjoyed this swap and am looking forward to the next. Hooray for the next ATC swap. If I get allocated a space it will be my 8th. Thanks for all your amazing organisation of all of the different swaps.

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