Sewing with selvedges/selvages

I got a real reminder of Christmas in the post this morning! I made this trio of selvedge mini-quilts for Love Patchwork and Quilting during December/January, so it’s funny to see them now we are (hopefully) heading into a summer. This booklet is the freebie (along with some selvedge ribbon) on the front of issue 34:

LPQ Selvedge booklet cover

I was so excited that Alice asked me to do this project – playing about with narrow bits of fabric, having fun with words and shapes, and the quirkiness of printed selvedges was just huge fun.

LPQ Selvedge booklet 1
I loved making these rainbow cotton reels. My favourite selvedge ever is the one with those cute little sewing machines..
LPQ Selvedge booklet 2
I used reverse applique to make these circles – so they were super easy to do, but look so tricky.. Hang on, why did I reveal my secret….?
LPQ Selvedge booklet 3
The strippy star is my favourite I think. I’m very glad that LPQ chose to use a picture where my seams meet very nicely!

Hope you enjoy the patterns if you get a copy (you can usually find one in Smiths or your local supermarket). It wouldn’t be right to give you too much info about the patterns, but my top tip for sewing with selvedges is, if you get a particularly fab one, chop it off the fabric before you pack it away, because it’s so hard to remember which piece of fabric it was attached to later on. When you’re slicing off the selvedge, you need to cut at least an inch of the fabric too… I know, it feels like madness, but honestly, sewing with selvedges is really good fun and so versatile, it’s worth it.

8 thoughts on “Sewing with selvedges/selvages

  1. I’ve been collecting selvedges for ages but haven’t tried using them yet. Your projects are great.

    1. Thanks so much Lucy – I was so pleased with them, which is *so* much better than when you send off a project that’s all full of niggling doubts!! Hope all is good with you. xx

  2. Got my copy today. Three lovely mini-quilts. This technique is really effective but fairly simple to master. Congratulations on more of your gorgeous projects appearing in print.

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