My Black Sheep Wools Baby Quilt – more progress

Hello! Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment on my design for the Black Sheep Wools baby quilt that I’m working on – I was so touched that you took the time to help me out. I have just done a quick draw, powered by Mr Random:

Black Sheep Wools scraps winner

Comment number 20 was left by Deborah G – congrats to her!

You all had such strong opinions, I loved it! And so many different opinions too. The differences prompted me to go right back to the beginning and start again, because I want the quilt to appeal to as many people as possible.  I really took on board what people said about the half square triangles potentially being intimidating, which had been worrying me, and went back to squares. But I wanted to keep the dynamic feel of the pinwheels, so I’ve added a few rail fence blocks to the mix. I am pleased about this because the rail fence is also a really nice beginner block, and it also address that the concern that some advanced beginners might get a bit bored with just one kind of block.

A lot of people had issues  with the colours because of the whole pink for girls, blue for boys thing. Whilst this is not an issue for me, I don’t want to alienate anyone, so I went back to a more mixed, muted palette. I particularly love the dusty pinks, blues and purples that the Kaffe Fassett Collective does so well, so I went back to that selection for a more gender neutral result. I particularly loved the comment from Dina, who reminded me that it is the baby that should be the centre of attention – I think that this design meets that requirement a bit better.

Final baby quilt design

I think this has a more vintage feeling too, which I feel is a bit more in keeping with the more starkly modern pinwheels. Here are the fabrics I’ve used – they are not quite to scale in the EQ7 print-out above – I haven’t quite worked out how to allow for that, but I think the colours are right, and I am rather pleased with the overall effect (the links are clockwise from top left):

Baby quilt final fabrics
Asian Circles – Turquoise | Dream – Dusty | Shot Cotton – Blueberry | Zig Zag – Grey | Guinea Flower – Blue | Millefiore – Lilac

The finished quilt will be about 40″ square, so the blocks are 5″, which is also something that was in my mind – I didn’t want the newbies to be struggling with hundreds of little squares! There are some nice, straightforward options for quilting too, which is also something I wanted. This has been such a great learning experience, thanks so much for helping me think it all through!

6 thoughts on “My Black Sheep Wools Baby Quilt – more progress

  1. I really like the new design you have created, as a beginner I think I would be confident in having a go at this new design. I love the Kaffe Fasset fabric too.

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