Baby Quilt opinions please – and EQ7

So, I got a new toy!

I’ve been having a great time playing with it, and will probably write some proper thoughts about it when I’ve had more time to work with it. But so far, I’ve been pretty impressed with how intuitive EQ7 is to pick up.

I thought I’d get straight in there and use it to make some potential designs for a baby quilt (aimed at beginners or those very new to quilting) that I am designing and stitching for my friends at Black Sheep Wools, using beautiful Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Now I can’t decide which design I like the best, so I’d really like your input! As a bit of a bribe, anyone who leaves an opinion will get entered into a draw to win a bundle of lovely large scraps from my stash… (you can choose Liberty lawn if you’d like it!). All the quilts are about 40″ square (or square-ish) if that helps with your thinking.

Basketweave nine patch collage
The fabrics:  Asian Circles – Turquoise | Designer Solid – Shell | Vine – Grey | Dream – Dusty

My aim with this first design was to create a very restrained, calming selection of colours in a super-simple design, which would give beginner quilters their first experience of putting together that quilting classic, the nine patch block. This one is very achievable for a beginner over a weekend I think.

Nine patch heart collage
The fabrics:  Asian Circles – Turquoise | Corsage – Pink | Big Blooms – Duck | Dream – Dusty

This is another nine patch, although it’s not quite so easy to tell that it is. The construction of this one will be more complicated for a beginner, but it’s still just squares, so shouldn’t be too off-puttingly complicated. I think there is a wow-factor here! I don’t like the whole colour/gender thing (pink for boys – yay!), but I know some people would only make a pink quilt like this for a girl.

One block heart collage
The fabrics:  Big Blooms – Red | Roman Glass – Red | Millefiore – Red

I loved the pink heart so much – but it is quite a lot of work for a beginner, so I thought I would tweak it a bit. This quilt is made up of single squares rather than blocks, and would be constructed in columns/rows. I chose red because it’s the colour that babies can discern first. I am not as happy with the heart shape in this version – it’s tricky to make it smaller!

Colourful pinwheel collage
The fabrics: Big Blooms – Red | Paperweight – Yellow | Corsage – Green | Millefiore – Blue

This is the final design – and something completely different. Is it too much to expect a beginner to deal with half square triangles do you think? Now I am wondering about using these brights and making a version of the basketweave pattern (first picture). Hmmm!

I would so love to hear your views… don’t forget, a lovely large bundle of scraps is available as a prize to one person who has left a comment (to be selected at random!).

44 thoughts on “Baby Quilt opinions please – and EQ7

  1. I love both the hearts, but I think the simpler red one is more in keeping with the Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

  2. I think the the basket weave, especially if for beginners. But then again I do like the pinwheel.

  3. I love the basket weave nine patch. As you say, the colours are calming and easy for a beginner. I’m a beginner having just got my first sewing machine. There’s nothing I would love more than to be able to quilt and I would love something easy to follow! The other patterns look complicated and that may put a beginner off trying. Having said that the others are lovely too and something I would like to try once I’m more experienced! Thank you.

  4. I love all the quilts, but am drawn to the nine patch because it’s one of my favourite blocks. My mam is a beginner quilter (there’s no way she could make a baby quilt in a weekend, though) and I think she would choose to make the nine patches quilt because the repetition would be good practice for her seam allowance, etc. She’d shy away from the HSTs because she’d think they would be difficult to match up all the points in the centre (and she’d like them to be as pointy as possible!) and all the trimming of oversized blocks would overwhelm her. (I know it’s not hard but the level of concentration required to do something completely new, especially when you find rotary cutting hard, shouldn’t be underestimated.) I do love the nine patch heart, though, so if we were in the shop I’d point out how it was constructed and show her that it wasn’t as hard as it looked.

    Overall, I think the 9P heart perhaps has more appeal for the confident beginner/improver/intermediate quilter than the first 9P quilt and so may attract a wider range of customers (and therefore more sales!).

  5. I love the 9-patch heart too. I’ve never made anything patchwork larger than a cushion but this quilt but this looks do-able for a beginner, I like the traditional looking patchwork colourway but with the heart having a modern computer looking block edge, makes it sort of old and new in one design. I think pink is for boys and girls, besides there’s the lovely greens and many other colours in there. It would make a nice wall hanging or lap quilt too as would the rest.

  6. I think your first nine patch design would suit a beginner the best as it is a repetitive design that they can practice their accuracy over and over again to build confidence without stress. The half square triangle version whilst fun creates stress due to the bias cut and stretch, and the heart quilt is a cute design but perhaps better suited to their second quilt. These are all great ideas and good luck in choosing the winning design.

  7. I think I’m drawn to the bright pinwheels, and maybe a brightly coloured basketweave for a quilt for both boys and girls. I’d happily try those or the nine patch heart and I’ve not made a quilt before. My girls chose their favourites, my 3 year old like the pinwheels and my 4 year old likes the ‘pink’ heart (however much you try they are still drawn to pink or girly things!!) Hope you’re on the mend!

  8. I’ve never sewn a quilt before but I’d love to be taught how to do the pinwheel. If it is as achievable as some say it is a spectacular first quilt. I’d find the squares not very inspiring.

  9. Each baby quilt pattern is adorable, but my absolute favourite is the Pinwheel!! I’ve made several with that pattern as baby gifts because they are well received. The brighter the colours, like your sample, just makes for a fun, adorable quilt suitable for either baby girl or baby boy.

  10. I have to choose only one would be Nine patch heart because is super cute and haven´t sew one like it but any of the heart would be welcome.I love heart patterns.

  11. Nine patch heart is my favourite. I think it is do-able for a beginner and would give a great sense of achievement.

  12. I love the pinwheel colours for a baby quilt but as a newcomer to quilting and having tried triangles but really struggled to get them to fit each other,but having read some of the other comments there appears to be an easier way of cutting them.
    However I think the 9 patch basketweave would be a better design for a beginner.

  13. I will have to go against the flow here and vote for the pink heart. I love the colour and the design has a wow factor imho❤️

  14. I think the colours on the pinwheel are great but think the basketweave design is best – am just about to make a gender neutral baby quilt and am planning to completely avoid blue and definitely pink!! Have just been helping a new quilter and I think HSTs would have scared her too much. Squares were achievable and the pleasure of success was palpable. Surely a quilt for a beginner should be enjoyable as well as gorgeous!

  15. I love the pinwheels perhaps because I’m drawn to the bright colors. Although they all are very nice. I consider myself one of the newbies as I haven been at this for that long and to me any and all of these would work. By the way, I hope your hand is doing much better.

  16. I prefer both of the heart designs but feel that some may not find them suitable for boys, thinking about a design that could be used in lots of colour ways and for both boys and girls I would go with the pinwheels. x

  17. I loved the nine patch. It is very similar to the first quilt I ever made about 20 years ago. It is still one of my favourites. The heart quilt I also liked. Squares can be so effective. Such a nusiance not. being able to sew but hope you will be better soon.

  18. As someone who’s never made a quilt I think I’d be attracted to a project that was as basic as possible for a first time go, if the pinwheels was slightly more complicated I may be put off. I’m not a big fan of the heart quilts, I think the shape wouldn’t really be seen unless it was always spread flat or hung. I like the simplicity of the basket weave but prefer the bright colours of the pinwheel. My personal preference would be basket weave in bright and then pinwheels (with reassurance from the experienced quilters that it’s going to be as straightforward as possible!)

  19. I’m a big fan of HST which are quite easy to construct and work well if quilt size needs to be adjusted. They get my vote every time!

  20. The basketweave in brighter fabric I think. Pinwheels are brilliant – but I think for beginners there would need to be extra fabric so trimming was easier.

    Or something that includes some hsts but also squares that’s a good compromise.

  21. Hello! I prefer to make a bold coloured quilt for babies. I do like the pinwheels the best but for an easy beginners quilt, I feel that the basket weave would be preferable as it straightforward and quick to make up!

  22. I’m going to hold my hand up and admit I’ve never sewn a quilt! Whew.. these designs are all very good, I love the way you’ve presented them, it’s really easy to imagine what they would look like. My favourite is the simplest, the nine patch just because I love really simple patchwork of squares. The hearts do have a wow factor but I think a beginner might have trouble getting the rows to line up neatly to make the heart shape.
    It may depend on how ‘beginner’ you intend them to be. If the beginner has experience in sewing other things already I think they could manage all of the designs given lots of tips and direction. But if they are beginner sewers they would get more satisfaction from doing a very simple design well than a more complicated one that turned out wonky.
    I’m with you on the gender specific colour thing. Why should boys always have blue and girls pink? The rainbow is too big!

  23. Although the pinwheel gives an amazing visual impact and a few have commented that it would be easy to do, I feel a beginner may be intimidated. The nine-patch basket weave would be a fabulous starter project. Visually very pretty, dusty vintage colours, any beginner would be proud to make (and gift) this lovely blanket.

  24. The pinwheel is definitely my favourite, both in terms of design and visual impact. Babies love bright colours and stimulation so this would really appeal to a little one and would brighten up any baby room. I don’t think HSTs are intimidating to a beginner, as long as they know how to sew and how to follow basic instructions. My very first quilt was filled with them and knowing no better I made them all from scratch with triangles! How I wish I had know the easier methods then. I do hope the wrist is mending well! Enjoy EQ7, I love it (most of the time) and never cease to be delighted by all it can do.

  25. I love the pinwheel but I also like all the fabric choices. I struggle with perception for colours and designs. These throw a line of inspiration. Well done

  26. My favourite is the basketweave nine-patch. In my view, the others are too bold – if you are looking at a baby and the quilt together, the quilt would draw the eyes away from the child, when the child ought to be the centre of attention.

  27. The pinwheels is definitely my favourite, it has so much movement. No need to cut triangles, they can be made using the two squares method – stitching each side of the drawn line. And they could be made slightly larger then cut to size for accuracy. But I love the heart too, and I guess that might be easier for a complete beginner.

  28. I’m never a big fan of hearts as a design element, so I’d say the first or last. I’ve never done any quilting, and am in the ‘I really want to try that’ stage before jumping in. I know 9 blocks are classic, so I might well go for that as a sensible stepping stone, but I wouldn’t be put off by the pinwheel. I do like the brighter colours more, too, but I know a lot of people prefer pastels for a baby, so I don’t know which way I’d jump there.

    I think I’d avoid pink, too offputting. I borrowed a book of sewing patterns from the library, and it took me two passes through to see past the ubiquitous pink to the actually nice ideas behind.

  29. I agree with others the pinwheel stands out. I love the first nine patch but would maybe add an appliqué elephant or as it is Asian maybe a camel! Love them all Ali ! X

  30. The 9 patch basketweave is a good choice as a learning quilt (cutting, sewing together, point matching etc) but I think the pinwheel will probably appeal more – It’s got lots of movement and is more striking. As other commented have said, if the blocks can be trimmed down to size, then they’ll be much less frustrating. Both designs work for any flavour of baby, unlike the hearts, as a lot of people probably wouldn’t want to make them for a boy sadly.

    They’re all lovely designs – the hearts look really good!

  31. I like pinwheel quilt as well. I just wouldn’t use white as background fabric. Dark blue, dark red, dark violet?

  32. I think the colourful pinwheel is by far the most striking and appealing! The colours are perfect and unisex as well. I think beginners would prefer to start with something like this as I personally found just doing squares as a beginner a bit boring and lost a bit of interest. But they all look great.

  33. Ali, I love the pink heart! The pinwheel design looks wonderful and would be just perfect for a baby quilt, so as a pattern for beginner quilters. I would go for the bright colours for the pinwheel design.

  34. I think Colourful Pinwheel is great for a baby – bright, colourful and lots of movement in the pinwheels!

  35. I love the heart nine patch so that gets my vote. It looks rather complicated but after I took a good look at it I realized it was actually very doable for a beginner. I haven’t seen a pattern like the heart so that’s a bonus. I also think it work be easier for a beginner than the pinwheel.

  36. Hi
    Beginners can do HST, just choose a method where one “cuts them down” to get the right size. Our local modern quilt guild did large half square triangle quilts for a charity and I can tell you that the ability to cut them down to the same size was very helpful. We had members with very little experience and they did fine. But of the three, I love the nine patch heart. Only problem I can see with it for beginners is the visual impact if 1/4″ seams are not consistent (which they never are for a beginner). So if you could judge how intimidating this would be for a particular beginner, and figure it would not be, I’d go for it.

  37. ‘Colourful Pinwheel’ is bright and energetic. Great for a baby! HSTs are not too hard for a beginner, especially if you show them the quick method for making four at a time!

  38. Oh how fun! I think HST are very easy for beginners if you use the two squares method…. My favorite of the 3 is the first heart. Having raised 4 kids.. surrounded babies with all that love is wonderful and delightful… I am hoping to use up some stash on donation quilts for babies.. and might try that heart (assuming you don’t mind!)

  39. Wow! That’s seriously a hard choice. I think my absolute favorite is the 9-patch heart because I haven’t seen a pattern like it before. Although a very close second is the one block heart. I just finished a heart quilt this month, so I guess that’s why I’m leaning toward the hearts.

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