Mini-mini Hoop Swap

Swap now full! Thank you!
Mini mini hoop swap

So, anyone like to sign up for a Mini-Mini Hoop Swap? Called Mini-Mini because the hoops are small and because the swap will be limited to 12-15 participants (if we get that far!).

Swap rules:

  • Buy a 5.5cm hoop (or a little smaller, but not smaller than 4cm please) – you can get them here from Cloud Craft with a 10% discount (which applies to the whole shop, not just hoops!) with the code BERRY10.
  • Use any kind of textile art/stitchery/sewing/embroidery/crochet to make something to display in your hoop. Assemble hoop. Pop in the post – wait impatiently to receive your hoop in return.
  • Sign-ups by 1st March (or until swap is full).
  • Posting week will be 25-29 April 2016.
  • You must have a public Instagram account. Use #veryberryhoopswap to tag please.
  • This is an international swap – you must be prepared to post abroad.
  • You must be prepared to do your best work (within your skill range!) and send something you would be happy to receive.
  • Please email me at AND fill in this form if you’d like to join in.

Swap now full! Thank you! 

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