Quick velveteen scarf project

My sponsors, Dragonfly Fabrics, sent me some gorgeous velveteen from their lovely selection. I am super keen to make a zippy pouch with it, paired with some lovely Liberty lawn from my stash, and a while ago I gauged opinions on FB and Instagram about the best partnership of fabrics:Β Velveteen choices

A lot of people went with the bottom right choice, which all you experts will recognise as Ianthe (E). It is gorgeous, but I have to confess that the seventies child in me was more taken with the top right selection, the awesome paisley print called Karm (B) (which is a variation of another Liberty print called Mark – see what they did there?). There’s something about velvety fabric plus paisley that says Jimi Hendrix to me, and that is *always* a good thing.

The zippy pouch has yet to appear, but the velveteen and a piece of Karm have been sitting, looking gorgeous together, on my shelf for about a month now, and I couldn’t resist them any longer. Here’s what I threw together on Monday morning:

Flower Power scarf

A funky (and Glam with a capital G!) but very simple scarf/wrap to keep me cosy and to cheer me on these wet, (very) cold mornings of an English winter.

If you’d like to have a go – it’s so easy. You need a 30cm or 12 inch length of velveteen from Dragonfly (happy news – they will cut exactly 0.3m for you, and it’s just Β£4.47) and a similar length piece of Liberty (you can always ask me if I have a piece in stock, although I can’t always guarantee it!). The velveteen in 135cm wide and the Liberty is helpfully just 1cm wider, so all you need to do is trim a little bit off the Liberty, then pin the 2 strips wrong sides together. Stitch all round with a 3/8inch or 1cm seam, leavning a 6inch or 15cm gap in one of the long edges – make sure you reverse stitch at either end of this turning gap to stop the stitching unravelling when you turn the scarf through. I like to curve my seam line round the corners (rather than make right angles), but it’s not essential. One problem you might encounter is that the velveteen and Liberty become misaligned as you sew, because of the nap of the velveteen – you can solve this problem by using a walking foot, if you have one. Finally, turn the scarf through, press (NOT on the velveteen side!), and then stitch up the turning gap with a ladder stitch. And that’s it – my version looks great with my bargain eBay coat!


I’ve been looking at combinations…

Velveteen & Liberty combos

Velveteen & Liberty combos 2

And there’s loads more you could try. And now I’ve started thinking of a cute skirt with Liberty-trimmed pockets… what would you make with these gorgeous fabrics?

17 thoughts on “Quick velveteen scarf project

  1. Hi Ali – I’ve managed to get hold of enough of the Liberty Lawn to make three of the scarfs. It’s a great idea to mix the fabrics. Could you confirm the colour of velveteen you used please.
    Is it bronze or the wine? Thanks Margaret

      1. Hi Ali – Just got bronze delivered today – it’s not the right colour, should have been wine. Do you know if Dragonfly would swap for me?

  2. I think you asked on FB today “How many scarves is too many?” Well, I have 80 and counting and I still want to make this! I have two velveteen scarves which might become the velveteen in my new makes! This is absolutely lovely and I can’t wait to make it for myself.

  3. Just love it ,never made a scarf I’m going to have a go . I just wasn’t sure how much fabric I needed. Thanks I’m going to order the fabric from dragonfly, just love the combination

  4. What a great, simple but gorgeous idea! And the other color combos you have all come up with are wonderful – each better than the last. πŸ™‚ I like the idea of the skirt – also a shirt with velveteen collar facings? Not sure if the weight would work right, but it would look sharp with a skirt of the opposite pairing. πŸ™‚

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