Finding your Cosy: An ATC Swap Guest Post

Another guest post from an Artist Trading Card swapper this week (here’s more about our ATC swap if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about). But I’ll let Alison (not me!) get on with introducing herself:

Hello my name is Alison and I am a chocoholic. Oh! Sorry, wrong post! Start again –

My name is Alison, aka Ali the Patchwork Fairy. I jumped at the chance to do a guest blog post for Very Berry Ali but I didn’t really think through the timing as I haven’t started making my ATC at all yet! It will take the threat of posting week looming up before my creative mojo will co-operate and enable me to produce another ATC!

I really love participating in the ATC swaps, I love crafting, patchwork quilting, sewing in general, and crochet, and knitting, and jewellery making, and paper crafting ….. Well everything to do with having a spare room crammed full of fabric, wool, paper, glue, beads, threads, charms, and playing around, making a mess and loving it 😀. After years of being a frustrated crafter with nowhere to craft because we had three children, it is quite nice now they are grown to have their bedrooms to fill with our hobby paraphernalia .

However, despite now having more time and space I still find it hard to produce anything without an imminent deadline. There is always something else I NEED to do – like browsing Pinterest for inspiration after lunch,- oh it’s gone dark, I can’t see the room…. Or ‘tidying’ my threads to find the best one ….. Ooh look there’s that special fabric I lost, ooh that’s where those overlocker needles went …. Maybe I should set up the overlocker and test them, oh it’s gone dark…… Is there any dinner in the ‘fridge? … So easy to lose yourself in a creative mess when you no longer have little people needing regular feeding. Also if I stay up here long enough long suffering Husband will cook the dinner! Ha ha!

I have made some progress with the ATC – I’ve given the theme – Winter Comforts – a great deal of though, I’ve been thinking what that means to me and taking some pictures to form a design board. I’ve tested it too – are these socks comforting, should I try some others on? Is a mince pie more comforting than a Tunnocks TeaCake for an afternoon snack? (Actually it’s a draw, they are both VERY comforting😋).

Ali's guest post 2

Alis guest post 1

I always have a visual in my head of something I create, and I never draw it out or draft it in a structured way, it just evolves from the wanderings of my mind into the physical form. I might look at my photos, but that’s as far as I go. My favourite ATC got lost in the post and was never received, which is really sad. I do have a picture of it, which is good for me, but not much use for my swap partner, though she did get one in the end from one of the Swap Angels.

So this time, as in previous times I know that on the weekend before ‘POSTING WEEK’ I will take a cup of tea upstairs, start to pull things out of the storage draws in my craft room, sit at the sewing machine, stare out the window…. stand by my table … until I just begin. The things I need will be there, I will pick up bits which somehow match the design board in my head or pieces from the pictures on my iPad and cobble them together into the finished project. It won’t be neat, precise or tiny stitches but it will be the right size, fit the theme, and it will be an original design. I will create and finish it in one afternoon, one glorious, self indulgent, immersion in mixed media madness and likely it will go dark, there might not be any dinner in the house. But if I stay up there long enough…….😀

Thanks so much namesake – I so agree with you about woolly socks, mince pies and Tunnock’s Tea Cakes (I would love an ATC with a Tunnock’s wrapper on it!) – we have more in common than just our names. Really great to read a contrasting (but just as effective!) approach to creating an ATC as the one in our first guest post. Tune in again next week when we will be hearing from Larisa of Stitching Notes

6 thoughts on “Finding your Cosy: An ATC Swap Guest Post

  1. Alison, now I can just picture you creating “A UK Street” ATC for me last year. It is “the right size, fits the theme, and it is an original design”. I love it! Thank you! I love my cup of tea too while crafting. 🙂

  2. Ah yes this looks like just my kind of approach to crafting. I used to be the one that finished uber earlier in every swap. Now I’m the one that does it at the wire. No idea what happened to change my habits.

  3. A woman after my own heart! This is exactly my way of creating my ATC. Think about it ……..let it swirl around the creative part of my brain …………realise it’s the week before the posting date and …………create the finished card.

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