Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day with Sew Essential

Sew Essentials giveaway

I am so excited to be working with the lovely people of Sew Essential to bring you a very practical and rather wonderful prize as part of the epically proportioned Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day.

Sew Essential


It was tempting to start this introduction to Sew Essential by saying ‘small is beautiful’ because it’s a family run business, with all the attention to detail and customer service that that usually brings. But one look at their online shop, which has over 20,000 sewing, haberdashery and craft products to choose from, will tell you that Sew Essential is a rather enormous undertaking. You’d be hard put not to find what you need here – you’ll find pins and needles right through to top of the line sewing and embroidery machines and everything in between.

The other good news is that the Sew Essential team are experienced sewists and crafters themselves, so pride themselves on their excellent before and after sales service – because they’ve personally tested and used the products. They’re are also able to source products that make life so much easier for us all and have a great range of really practical sewing tools and gadgets. After 11 years they’ve recently revamped and relaunched their website making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for amongst the thousands of tempting items in stock. With low postage costs, low priced products and an unrivalled range to choose from, it is definitely worth a visit to Sew Essential!

So to the giveaway…!

If you’re a long-term reader of my blog, you’ll know that I have a real fondness for all the clever, practical, nifty and well-designed products that make the life of sewers so much easier. So much so that in last week’s post on Stocking Fillers for Sewists, I included loads of gorgeous gadgets. And the great news is that Sew Essential have put together a fantastic bundle of practical sewing tools, drawing inspiration from my Christmas list. So the giveaway prize consists of sewing snips from Fiskars:

Fiskars 12.5cm (4.75 inch) Quick Clips.

A wonderful Hera marker:

Clover Hera Marker


And one (not like the picture!) fabulous Chaco chalk pen, which is easily my favourite fabric marker:



Thanks for Father Christmas (& Sew Essential ;-)) for granting the wishes of a lucky Very Berry reader!

Giveaway Rules

  • The Giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere.
  • The Giveaway will run until the end of Sunday 13 December.
  • To be in with a chance of winning please leave a comment on this post – you are welcome just to say ‘pick me!’, or alternatively please let us know what your favourite piece of sewing gadgetry is, or what you would like to find in your Christmas stocking this year.
  • To gain additional chances of winning, please follow Sew Essential on Facebook, or on Twitter, or sign up for their Newsletter (or all three) and LEAVE A COMMENT FOR EACH OF THESE, TELLING ME THAT YOU HAVE SIGNED UP.  If you don’t leave extra comments, you wont get the extra chances – simple! It makes sense to sign up for at least one – because that’s how you’ll find out all the special offers and promotions that Sew Essential run.
  • One winning comment will be chosen from all the comments left, using a random number generator. The winner will be announced on 14 December. If I do not hear back from the winner by the end of 16 December, I will make a second draw.

Don’t forget, there are masses more giveaways to enter over on the Giveaway Day listings at Sew Mama Sew.


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443 thoughts on “Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day with Sew Essential

  1. Hi would love to enter the giveaway, my favourite gadget at the moment is a little spiked wheel for marking quilting lines, found in a household shop in Spain and I wish I had bought more than one!

  2. It’s always great to upgrade my sewing supplies but it’s something I don’t do often enough. I really should treat myself to a (virtual) trip to Sew Essentials!

  3. Santa leaves me a little wee bit of paper in my stocking, on which is written..”uninterrupted sewing time” . Priceless!!

  4. I have a love hate relationship with my rotary cutter, I love it when I’m careful but hate it when I nick my fingers!

  5. I’d love to try some new tools! Not for me, but my kiddos have a kid size Singer coming their way. It’s a gift to me too really, because hopefully they’ll stop playing with the settings on my machine. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I just learned about the Hera marking tool yesterday in a class I took. Would love to try it out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  7. I’ve been asking Santa for Aurifil in my stocking. I also need an open toe applique foot. And steam a seam – just used up the last of my stash on my last project.

  8. I’m in love with my rulers. I began quilting in pre-ruler times, and I can’t believe I ever got anything done. Thanks!

  9. What a fantastic prize! I’ve got a couple of the Chaco chalk pens – they’re so good. 🙂 (And I would love a couple more, in different colours! Must collect the set, after all. 😉

    macska at gmail dot com

  10. I don’t have a stiletto, so I thought I’d try out a long fondue fork for turning appliques– think it’ll work? I’ve signed up for Sew Essential’s newsletter

  11. What a delightful selection! The tools I find indispensible so far are a set of block squares (6.5″ & 12.5″ being the most useful for me) some super thin hand sewing needles, and Superior sewing machine needles. I’d really love to try out the Chaco liner.

  12. I like my rotary cutter and my variety of rulers. I can happily spend many hours just playing with my scraps and cutting them into pieces to use in future projects.

  13. I have many favorite tools, I always want another ruler, rotary cutter or cutting board but I really, really like my quilting gloves. I use them not just for FMQ but for binding and whenever I have a lot of fabric running through my machine. Thanks.

  14. I too am infatuated with all the goodies that go along with quilting! I need some new pins and marking devices are always needed!

  15. I’m mostly way too acquainted with my seam ripper, but I don’t have a lot of nifty sewing tools, so I’m sure I’d find a favorite fast! 🙂

  16. Hi there Ali,
    I just found your blog for the first time through Sew Essential on FB!
    I just could not live without my rotary cutting supplies! Though now that I am getting a bit older(ahem…) I am really depending on my Accuquilt Go! fabric cutter!!!
    Quilty Huggs,
    Jacqueline in Canada

  17. My rotary cutter. I could not even imagine trying to cut all those little pieces with just a pair of scissors. Thanks!
    dragonfly9716 at yahoo dot com

  18. My husband has offered to buy me a sewing machine for Christmas, but I cannot make up my mind what I want! (The sky is NOT the limit. ;))

  19. With so many sewing enthusiasts to choose from the chances are small….but I too love your giveaway and hope to win!

  20. The tool I use most is my seam ripper, but the one I need now is a washable marking pen — chalk doesn’t always cut the mustard. (I too love those Chaco pens when the time is right). Thanks for this chance!

  21. I don’t have a marking tool, I’ve lost one seam ripper and the other is dull…..I would love to win this giveaway. Thank you for offering such great items!!

  22. What a fun giveaway! I actually need some new thread snips, so these fiskars snips would be perfect! Otherwise, my favourite sewing gadget is my Kai 7250 Scissors– they cut so smoothly!

  23. I haven’t tried any of those particular tools and have been wanting to. Plus, my thread clippers have seemed a little dull lately so it’d be awesome to get some new ones!

  24. Thanks for the great giveaway. I would have to say the invention of the rotary cutter has changed how we all quilt. Has to be my favorite notion.

  25. It’s a tough call, but I love my seam ripper. It reminds me of an exacto knife somewhat, but it’s a Gingher and has replaceable blades.

    1. I have been following Sew Essential for absolutely ages and will be following now too!

  26. My favorite sewing gadget is my rotary cutter. I;m old enough to remember the days before they were available! Thanks for the opportunity to win these fun gadgets!

  27. Pick me! These are all great seeming new to me tools.
    My favorite that I already use is the Clover cheater needle – I can’t image hiding threads any other way.
    Thanks for the chance.

  28. My favorite tool is my 6.5″ square ruler for square up blocks since I make a lot of sampler quilts with squares this size. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  29. I guess my favorite gadget is something that I keep right beside my machine and even bring with me to classes. It’s my stelleto. I haven’t tried the fabric marker before. My fingers are crossed.

  30. I would love those cool snipes! Have never used markers like those either. Would LOOOVE for you to pick me! 🙂 My favorite sewing gadget is probably my rotary cutter and ruler.

  31. I really like my point turner right now as it is helping me get into all those small points and making everything look nice.

  32. I am a gadget sewer. I have the yellow chalk marker above and can’t do without it! I also love my dental tools for feeding fabric through my sewing foot.

  33. I love pens and pencils…and those that mark fabric are just as needed as those for paper! I’d love to try those cute chalk pens!

  34. I don’t ask for much. The one gadget I would love to see in my mailbox/stocking this year is the MyPad needle organizer. That thing looks so awesome! … Oh wait! Maybe I would prefer to have the Clover 6-in-1 stitch guide thingamabob. That looks even more awesome!

  35. Essential for me I’d my little metal magnetic bowl I got at a hardware store years ago. Without it I’d have pins all over the house. Just can’t seem to keep those puppies reined in!

  36. Earlier in november, I bought and proudly showed my mum the exact same fat quarter bundle she had bought for my stocking this year. Its good to know she knows what I love.

  37. Great prize!! I need some markers – I have been making some clothes lately and my only markers are frixion pens which means I iron off all the pattern markings!

  38. Sewing snips are by far my favorite sewing tool. I could always use another pair. Thanks for the chance to win! sarah123quilt AT gmail DOT com

  39. Please pick me! Reading your blog and planning sewing projects while stuck on the sofa with a sleeping poorly baby. So far the Christmas list includes tailorss chalk, an adapter foot for my old singer to use the clip in feet, more rotary cutter blades and fabric a Tilly and the Buttons Coco.

  40. I am new to sewing, so all the gadgets would be appreciated! Hope your Christmas crafting is going smoothly, and you don’t need your seam ripper much!

  41. I love clover items. I have several things from clover, a seam presser for example, the clips and also a white marker that can iron away, and they are all awesome. So these would be a fab addition! Thanks so much for the chance!

  42. I don’t have too many gadgets yet as I am a new quilter, but I love using my 8 inch rotatable cutting mat! Makes squaring up a cinch! Thank you for the chance!

  43. Those are some great sewing gadgets! This year I’m hoping to get those nifty fabric turners to flip a tube of fabric to the right side without destroying it or your patience. That and some new scissors (mine are rather sad looking and incredibly dull). thanks for a great giveaway!! My email is: Trekkiechick29 (at) gmail (dot) com

  44. I’ve been thinking about getting a Hera marker for ages! I think I’ll spring for one if I don’t win. My favourite gadget is not really a gadget, it’s a thimble that belonged to my great-grandma so I feel really connected to family and tradition whenever I use it.

  45. I don’t have a favourite gadget but I have just bought my first serger and I just love it. I put it off for years, feeling it was an unnecessary luxury but I am so glad I finally made the jump.

  46. My favorite notion is my curved 5.5″ havel’s embroidery snips – they are PERFECT for getting a close trim!

  47. I NEED some snips like those! I’ve never tried chalk markers, but I’ve heard awesome things about them. 🙂 Last year I got a rotating cutting mat for Christmas and it’s one of my favorite things ever. 😉

  48. I think rotary cutters are simply wonderful. I know they are now ‘normal’ and used by everything but imagine way back when cutting everything out with scissors. It would be time consuming and harder to get exact accuracy!

  49. Have now liked and following Sew Essential on Face Book, I have used them quite a bit, having ordered from th em very successfully, seem like a good Company with a good array of products at good prices.x
    A second go at the Givewaway!X

  50. Another great giveaway Ali. I find, u fortunately, as they get used quite often my ‘quick unpick’ as we used to call them is the most useful, but as I have never used snips, I rather think they might also be great.

  51. I would love to find a new longarm machine beside the tree! Hehe Some new blades for.My rotary cutter and a new huge cutting mat would be fantastic!

  52. Love sewing goodies and gadgets! One of my favorite notions is my 6 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ ruler. It’s small enough to put in my on the go sewing bag.

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  53. Ohhhh please pick me!!!!, lol!!!!, well on my christmas stocking I would love to find many fabrics and sewing tools…, thank you for the chance!!!

  54. I love all kinds of USEFUL gadgets, and these are that. My favorite “gadgets” are the deerskin thimbles I make out of a hide my brother had tanned for me. Good for general sewing, too soft for quilting!

  55. I am on the hunt for a good marking solution, ever since I’ve read horror stories about Frixion pens. I need to check out those Clover pencils!

  56. This is a wonderful giveaway, you thought of notions that I don’t have so it would be great if I were the lucky winner!! Thanks for the chance!

  57. Tools – how neat and so very clever. We do need them and we do use them. So, why not pick me? This is a great idea and each one of us can certainly use them. Thank you for taking the time out to be a part of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day and giving all of us the chance to win these essential quilting tools. Happy Holidays to you.

    Sandi Timmons

  58. I always use my fiskars clips whenever I am sewing. They are so invaluable; I don’t know how I lived without them! Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. I would love to find some new rotary blades in my stocking along with some new straight pins and fabric marking pen.

  60. Thanks for the give away! My favorite sewing tool is actually my wonder tape. Its a huge help when installing pockets and zippers!

  61. My favorite tool (if I really had to pick just one) would be my rotary cutter and mat. Hmmm, that’s two. Anywho, would love to try a chalk pen. Please pick me!!

  62. thank you so much for this great giveaway.
    I wouldn’t talk about my favorite sewing tool, but about the one I need too often : my seam rippers….
    If I won these nice tools, maybe I would become a better sewer !
    So I cross my fingers, and hope to be picked !

  63. As I’m always looking for a pair of scissors to cut threads at my machine I would LOVE to find the little snips in my stocking! I’ve never used the Chaco markers and would love to try those as well…so PICK ME PICK ME PLEASE!

  64. I would be a very happy bunny if Santa were to leave me a pair of those snips – I’ve been doing more and more intricate work and these would be fabulous. Thank you for the generous give away 🙂

  65. I’d love a Clearly Perfect Angles sheet in my stocking. Lovely selection of tools form Sew Essential – especially those snips.

  66. What a lovely giveaway. Thank you! I love rulers of all kind and adore great (a little more expensive) needles! They make all the difference!

  67. I would love to get a new sewing machine for Xmas, but seeing as that probably won’t happen…I would be happy if Santa brought me some fabric.

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