Winter Comforts: Textile ATC swap Sign up time

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It’s time to get thinking, plotting and making tiny stitches again! This is the 8th Very Berry Textile Artist Trading Card Swap, which feels like a fabulous achievement for all us swappers – thank you to all who take part and make this such a fun little swap!

**Swappers who have participated before – please note that this time round you can fill in the sign-up form direct from this blog post – you will find the link below.**

If ATCs are new to you – here’s some info about what all this is about!

ATC guide


Making an ATC is a way to be creative on a small scale, try out new techniques and skills in a non-threatening way.  All you need to remember for this particular ATC swap is that:

  • the swap theme is Winter Comforts
  • the card needs to be 2.5″ by 3.5″ (in either orientation)
  • the card needs to be mostly fabric
  • there must be a little bit of stitching involved. 
  • the card must not be too thick – no more than 1/8″ (3-4mm) please
  • you must put your name and date on the back of the card (plus title and email address if you like)

If you’re still a bit unsure of what all that means – why not check out the the Very Berry ATC swap group on Flickr, where you can see photos of cards made for previous swaps? Here’s the one I made last year for the Christmas swap:

Scandi cross stitch Christmas

  • Serious bit: Before signing up, please think for a minute whether you can put aside enough time to make something lovely and thoughtful for your swap partner, and whether you will be able to meet the deadlines. People who drop out of contact with me and don’t make deadlines without a good reason will be blacklisted from future swaps – I’m really sorry to have to do that, but I have to spend a lot of time chasing people up, and it’s not fair on other swappers.

Now the good stuff..

  • You will make 1 ATC and receive 1 ATC in return.
  • It will be a secret swap (you will not be sending to the person you receive your card from) so please don’t let your partner know who you are!
  • Your card must be the right size and fit the theme, be named and dated.
  • The theme for ATC swap 8 is Winter Comforts – please feel free to interpret that however you like!
  • You can sign up for the swap by commenting on this post and by completing this Google form by Friday 20th November. Partners will be assigned by the end of Monday 23rd November.
  • Participation is open to anyone anywhere in the world (the ATCs won’t be too pricey to send), so please be prepared to send overseas if you join in (but I will *try* to make exceptions if you are really stuck for cash… just let me know).
  • Cards must be posted during the week 25th – 31st January 2016 (or a little earlier if you are posting overseas and you can manage it).
  • Please do not include anything else in your parcel, except a note if you like!
  • Once you have received your ATC, you must get in touch with your partner to say thanks.
  • Please keep in touch with me and let me know when you have posted and received your ATC.
  • Although you don’t have to be a Flickr user to join in with this swap, it is fun for everyone if you join in with the community there, and share pictures of your progress and your completed card. Please try and do this if you can!
  • If you blog, use FB, Twitter or Instagram, please feel free to share your ATC swap progress, and definitely share pictures of the ATC you receive from your swap partner, if you can. Please use #veryberryatcswap to tag your posts.

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47 thoughts on “Winter Comforts: Textile ATC swap Sign up time

    1. So sorry you missed out. I did send an email to all the usual swappers, but perhaps it disappeared into a spam folder. Wish I could squeeze you in, but it is going to have to be next time I’m afraid.

  1. Yay! I love this swap so I’m all signed up, or at least I hope I am. I did try filling in the form on my iPad but I’m not sure it sent properly so if not can you let me know please and I’ll re-do when I’m back at my computer.

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